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What is Ideal Protein Alternative Diet Plan? What are its problems?

Ideal Protein Alternative Diet Plan

There are many ways to lose weight. Different kinds of fasting and diet plans are able to do it. And Ideal Protein Alternative Diet Plan is one of such diet regime to assist weight loss and maintain it. It is a ketogenic regime to lose that excess flab and has done so successfully in many overweight people.

What is Ideal Protein Alternative Diet Plan?

This is a form of keto style diet regime that is modified. One can see a dramatic weight loss with this regime if followed strictly. This plan is split into 4 phases:

Initial Weight Loss

Phase 1

In this the goal weight is first determined. It varies for different individuals. But in this phase,   the diet taken is such that the individual loses all the kilos he or she desires to lose. Hence, the regime has to continue for 5 to 12 weeks depending how much weight the person wishes to lose. During this phase, Breakfast consists of one meal replacement, with multivitamins and fish oil. One can drink tea and coffee but with restricted amount of milk or creamer. Lunch comprises of one meal replacement with the vitamins and fish oil. Here the person can eat a maximum of 4 cups of vegetables. In late afternoon, one can take snack or dessert along with calcium or magnesium supplements. And dinner would be 6-8 oz of whole protein. The regime allows approved vegetables and supplements in this phase. Certain non-fat, non-sugar and zero carbs foods can be had intermittently.

Phase 2

In this transition phase lasting 2 weeks, and is a modified form of phase 1. Its aim is to help you succeed and maintain the diet plan. In this, Breakfast and snacks would be IPA meal and in lunch and dinner there will be 6-8 Oz of proteins. Supplements are consumed as usual. 2 cups of approved vegetables with main meals of the day are allowed. And one can eat other raw vegetables ad lib.

Phase 3

At this time, no weight gain should take place. And you might lose a bit further. This phase also lasts 2 weeks. In this only snack is IPA meal and breakfast, lunch, and dinner are 6-8 Oz of proteins. Normal supplements and vegetables are continued. One can add 2 cups of approved vegetables in lunch and dinner.

Phase 4

By this time, you are into this healthy lifestyle and will continue it. It has become part of your daily life. You can take a week off this regime and go back into it.

Problems of this diet

Are there any issues of this strict regime to lose weight. Sone nutritionists are wary of recommending it. Why?

French doctor Tran Tien Chanh, MD, started this plan in 2004. Anne Danahy, dietitian says:

A true keto diet has only about 5 percent of calories from carbs, (which can be as low as 30 grams per day) and about 75 to 80 percent from fats,”

This regime is in a clinic and hence requires payment. It is a costly affair.

Some people feel tired, headache, and hungry with it. They get foggy too. Processed food packs are used which is not right. Anne explains:

“I personally don’t like the use of special foods and especially packaged foods. I feel like many of these fall into the ‘ultra-processed’ category, which research has linked to weight gain, not loss.”

And vitamin and other deficiencies could creep in. It is a rather boring regime to follow with less variety. Anne adds a word of optimism:

It’s not necessarily harmful for most (healthy) people to follow a ketogenic diet for several weeks or longer. Many people do lose weight and improve their metabolic markers.”

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