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Hyunjin Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2023

Hyunjin Workout

Hwang Huynjin was born on the 20th of  March 2000 in Seoul, South Korea. Hyunjin is the most popular pop singer. He is a dancer, rapper, and singer appreciated as a member of Stray kids, a k-pop boy band that debuted on a 2017 reality show of the related name. Furthermore, Hwang also refers to the exclusive pop singer club at Popslider.

He followed the boy band group named “Stray Kids” in the year 2017. He began his career in the entertainment industry on 25 March 2018 with Stray Kids. Firstly, Hyunjin entered the entertainment agency named “JYP Entertainment‘ as a trainee. He did a number of struggles and practices. At present, he is a modern dancer and K-pop singer of the Stray Kids band.

Hwang Hyunjin Body Stats 

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight65 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Chest Size40 inches
Waist Size30 inches
Biceps Size14 inches

Hyunjin Workout Routine

Hyunjin is a pretty attractive and good-looking guy. He keeps making his body shape like that. He does his exercise almost every day and the most frequently doing workout includes dance. The dance practice includes doing two hours of dance practice. So that much dance practice will assist you to lose a lot of weight. Other than that, The member of stray kids confers the workout routine that he did, it includes:

In that routine, they did special exercises like free body workouts and core training. Other members like Bang Chan also serve out in the gym, so maybe Hyunjin is again making a gym workout. However, there is no evidence for that, many K-pop artists do regular exercise to keep them lean and gain muscles.

Maybe even Hyunjin is doing all of those things, but as seen in the video we follow the five-day training period each week. The workout includes:

Morning Routine

Begin with a dance routine. It is pretty much the same workout that is recorded for every artist as it is one thing that every k-pop artist does. So we will have it single to one to two hours of dance practice. To enter a dance workout class, you will be able to burn more than 800 calories for sure with this workout routine. Other than that, you are also required to do 10 minutes of stretching before the dance workout to avoid injury.

Evening Routine

In the evening routine, you require to do a weight training routine that will focus on isolated movements and single body parts.

  • Monday: Chest
  • Tuesday: Back
  • Wednesday: Shoulder
  • Thursday: Arms
  • Friday: Legs

Also, include 10 minutes of core routine after regular weight training for better results. As we aim for a slimmer and muscular physique, keep the form correct and forget how much weight you are lifting. You do not require to lift heavy weights, also focus on doing 15 to 20 reps in every exercise.

This is all about the Stray Kids Hyunjin Workout routine.

Hyunjin Diet plan

There is not much appreciated about the diet plan of Hyunjin, there have not been many talks explaining the diet plan. Hyunjin loves to eat all kinds of foods, from meat to veggies. It is all about balance and keeping the food in control for  Hyunjin.

If you also need to get a body like Hyunjin, you need to eat less than 2k calories a day. In that focus on applying protein products like meat, chicken, steak, veggies, etc. Also, drink and have a lot of water to help your digestion and even give your skin a glow.

This is all about the diet plan of Stray Kids Hyunjin.


Hyunjin is a K-pop singer and rapper and member of the stray kid’s group. He is usually a handsome and good-looking guy. Hyunjin keeps making him stay in shape as always. He usually does lots of workouts in order to maintain his strength.

His diet plan also consists of lots of healthy foods. he has lots of fans who follow the diet plan and workout routine in order to have body stats like him. So, if you also want to get a body like him, you need to eat less than 2K Calories a day. If you could just take one thing from him then it would be this: Don’t compare yourself to others.

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