What Causes Inner Thigh Fat? How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat in a Week?

Fat is compulsory for sustaining life and safeguarding your organs. But where you collect severe fat is all determined by your genetics. So, if you find you convey extra weight around your inner thighs, that’s just how your body works.

And while having some inner thigh is properly fine, if you are preparing to tone things up, we’ve got you filled. Here’s how to drop inner thigh fat in a healthy and sustainable step.

What causes inner thigh fat?

If you eat more calories then you can burn them, your body requires to store those additional calories. That’s where fat nears into play.

According to WHO, there has been a raised intake of energy-dense foods (think high fat and high sugar) as well as dropped activity. However, this energy contrast is the fundamental cause of weight gain.

Where this fat is collected, again, you can thank your genetics for that. One survey suggests that body fat storage is severely influenced by genetic factors, especially in women. Women usually collect fat in their hips, drop belly, and inner thighs. While men convey fat mainly in their abdomen part but are not fully off the hook with inner thigh fat.

7 exercises that will melt your inner thigh fats

The inner thigh is an issue zone for fat storage in the body, especially for women. However, it builds the legs look unsightly, and it’s even difficult to drop than that stubborn belly pooch. The best step to lose thigh fat is by following a healthy diet and performing the correct exercise regimen.

Follow the seven exercises that the bright side express below to get a head start at having the perfectly toned and slim legs that you have every time dreamed of.


However, these are better fat-burning exercises. They catch every muscle in your body and are also high for strength development. Execute them 10 to 20 times for optimum outcomes.

  • Get into the squat situation with your palms flat on the ground.
  • Then kick your feet back and get into a plank situation while charge your arms extended.
  • Immediately return your feet to the squat situation
  • Then squat up from the squat situation

Crusty lunge

However, the crusty lunge focuses on the inner thighs and supports stabilize hips, thereby improving your overall posture.

  • Begin by standing upright.
  • Now proceed your left leg behind to the right so that your thighs cross, curving both knees as if you were curtsying. While curving, attach your palms.
  • Replicate the same with your right leg. This fulfills one rep.

Glute kickbacks

However, as the name recommends, this exercise strengthens your glute muscle parts.

  • Begin this exercise by getting down on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders.
  • Making believe that your back remains straight and parallel to the floor, kick your heel up concerning the ceiling. Hold this situation for a few seconds and return to the starting situation.
  • Replicate with the other leg.

Frog jumps

As the name recommends, frog jumps are all regarding jumping like a frog. However, do not get deceive by their simplicity. However, this is a severely effective exercise that engages your quads, glutes, and hip flexors. To eliminate that extra fat that makes your inner thighs look unattractive, permit frog jumping a shot.

  • Begin this exercise by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Now squat all the steps down to the ground and place your hands in front of you.
  • Hold this situation for a second or 2.
  • Now jump up and move as a frog does.
  • Upon landing, collect the energy by curving your knees and sitting into your hips.

Jumping jacks

However, you can judge the success of this simple exercise by the fact that even the US military. Uses this step as a warm-up activity and to stay fit.

  • Begin this exercise jumping jacks by standing straight.
  • During the exercise, raise your arms over your head and jump with your feet increasing away from each other.

Side-lying double leg lifts

However, this is a variation of the traditional side-lying leg lift where the top leg takes action as the resistance while lifting the lower leg. However, the added benefit of this step is that it not only targets the inner thighs. But the outer thighs and obliques as well.

  • Lie linear on one side of the body. Rest your neck and head on your lower arm.
  • Retain your toes glued together and pointed away from the body.
  • Now slowly raise both your legs upward as high as possible.
  • Hold for about 2 seconds before coming back to the beginning situation.

Sumo goblet squat

Sumo goblet squats are effective and useful not only for toning your thighs and butt but they are also high for obtaining rid of even the most stubborn belly fat.

  • Begin this exercise by increasing your feet wider than your shoulders and situation your feet at a 45-degree angle.
  • Now execute a 90-degree angle squat while increasing your hands to meet under your chin.
  • Then come halfway up previous to squatting down again.

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