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How Can I Get Lisa’s Look From BlackPink?


Lalisa Manoban (Lisa) is a Thai rapper performing in the Korean girl group BlackPink. When it comes to becoming a Korean idol, one thing that every Korean model must have is a small and toned figure. So let’s speak about how Lisa keeps her figure trim and toned. So let’s take a look at Lisa’s training and eating regimen.

Blackpink Lisa Body Measurements

Height5 ft 5 inches
Weight48 kg
Age25 yrs
Breast33 inches
Waist23 inches

Blackpink Lisa’s Exercise Routine

How can I obtain a look like Lisa from Black Pink?

Lisa’s or any other BlackPink member’s fitness regimen isn’t very appealing. At the same time, Jennie began practicing flying yoga. Lisa and Rose are still primarily concerned with dancing practice. So for Lalisa Manoban (Lisa), the fitness program consists of her regular daily dancing and boxing practice.

Exercises for Blackpink Lisa include:


Every day, they get a lot of dancing practice at the studio and perform a lot in different performances and occasions. We’ve all seen K-pop stars move and dance a lot while singing and performing a single song.


Now, for the boxing routine, we saw Lisa heading to the boxing gym and learning how to box with her teacher in the official video of the BlackPink series The Black Pink House. So we can say she also enjoys boxing, and her training sessions range from an hour to two hours.


The Koreaboo post describes Lisa’s exercise, which includes Pilates. It aids her in maintaining flexibility, muscular tone, body, and core strength. It also displays a small video of Lisa stating that she practices Pilates. So you should concentrate on it as well.

Try incorporating all of those exercises into your weekly schedule. Try to practice boxing and Pilates at least twice a week, and you may combine the two if you wish. There are piloting lessons, which are a mix of Pilates and boxing. However, if you do not like dancing, you can easily substitute 30 minutes of exercise.

Blackpink Lisa Diet Plan

How can I obtain a look like Lisa from Black Pink?

Lisa from Blackpink and any other Black Pink idol used to watch what they ate and eat what they wanted. Now, a few things have changed. They still eat what they want and when they want, but now they order and make lighter food. Still, pizza, pasta, soup, and ramen are what they eat most of the time.

This is all about Lisa’s diet plan for Blackpink. They added a few healthy things like avocado and other fruits to make it a little healthier. They also drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay healthy.