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Hennessy Carolina Diet & Workout Routine

Hennessy Carolina

Hennessy Carolina is a well-known TV personality, social media influencer, and blogger who has appeared with her sister Cardi B. On the TV show called “Love & Hip-Hop: New York.”

Hennessy Carolina Body Measurement

Height5 ft 2 inches
Weight55 kg
Age26 yrs
Breast34 inches
Waist26 inches

Hennessy Carolina Workout Routine

Hennessy Carolina

Hennessy Carolina is a social media influencer, model, TV personality, and public figure who came to fame as Cardio B’s sister. Because Hennessy Carolina is an influencer who earns money from sponsored photos and posts, she focuses on maintaining a beautiful shape. If you like Hennessy Carolina’s physique and want to discover the secret to her body form, keep reading.

There haven’t been a lot of stories or interviews concerning Hennessy Carolina’s fitness regimens. She has also not posted many fitness videos. I only found one post here since she was also sponsoring a waistband. However, as you can see, Hennessy Carolina was in a home gym, and she seemed to have three pieces of cardio training equipment. The first is a cycle machine (which I saw in her earlier article); the other two are an elliptical machine and a treadmill. Cardio is a terrific method to start your fitness and health journey.

Aside from that, I haven’t seen much of her exercise program. It’s hardly strange, therefore, that Carolina works out with Hennessy for toning. She most likely incorporates workouts using small weights and resistance bands, emphasizing her lower body and core rather than her upper body. On the other hand, Hennessy Carolina has a toned and well-built butt like her sister Cardi B. So I suggest she works out on her lower body to keep it in good form.

Carolina Hennessy Diet PlanHennessy Carolina

I couldn’t find out much about Hennessy Carolina’s diet, but I don’t believe she’s on a strict diet and presumably focuses on moderation. Hennessy Carolina doesn’t have a slender body figure, so you can know she’s not on a low-carb diet. Keeping all of this in mind, I believe we should adhere to an 80/20 diet, concentrating on eating most of the time healthily but adding sweets occasionally.

Hennessy Carolina’s diet consists of:


  • Eggs scrambled
  • Bacon made from turkey
  • Toast with avocado


  • Smoothie with fruits


  • Chicken breast grilled
  • Rice (brown)
  • Veggies


  • cod or salmon
  • Salad

That’s all there is to the Hennessy Carolina diet.

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