Health Benefits Of Rock Rose. Its Effectiveness & Uses.

Rock Rose

What Is Rock Rose?

Rockrose is an evergreen shrub that is used to make medicine. It is used in Bach flower remedies in order to treat panic, stress, extreme fear, and anxiety for boosting calmness and relaxation.

The rock rose is also known as Cistus Incanus is native to southern Europe. The shrub with the fragrant pink flowers does not belong to the roses but it belongs to the family of cistus plants which consist of twenty cystic rose species. The gray-haired cistus incanus has a special effect on healing where the other cystus species now being used as tea.


The rockrose contains tannins, essential oils, and polyphenols which is a special combination, in turn, makes the healing effect noticeable. The polyphenols are also known as the antioxidants Where the subgroups are flavonoids, of which the plant contains twelve important ones.

Health Benefits Of Rock Rose

Rock Rose Against Flu

Several years ago studies were carried out with the rock rose in which the participants of the cystus group the symptoms decreased fast just like the inflammation parameter CRP. The polyphenols contained in the cistus surround the virus which prevents attachment to the host cell without the virus that can not survive.

Eczema Children

Children who suffer from eczema were treated externally with cystus tea twice a day. They drank a cup of cistus tea each day. In 64% of the children treated, there was an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Protection For The Heart Antioxidant Effect

The rock rose has a high antioxidant effect far more than the green tea. Scientists have also discovered this plant contains a special combination of antioxidants. As an example, the daily dose of vitamin C has contained in a shot glass of fully concentrated cystus sud. Supposedly there are many over 100 years olds on the greek island of Halkidiki where a huge amount of cystus tea is drunk.

Defense Strengthening

The rockrose has a defense strengthening effect which ensures a healthy balance in the intestine and inhabits. For example, the well-known fungus candida Albicans can confuse the intestine. Several cups of tea are drunk within the day. Over a period of 4 to six weeks to one liter of tea each day then a week off and then it starts again with the cure.


The use of rock rose is possible orally in the form of tea, capsules, and mouthwashes as well as externally as an envelope as an ointment.

External Application

The rock rose has an external effect like eczema, acne, itching, fungal disease, hemorrhoids, and also superficial wounds.

Homemade cyst ointment also relieves eczema. For cistrosis skincare, a concentrated tea infusion is prepared by boiling about it on 10 grams of tea in 200 ml of after for about 5 minutes and peel off and oak a cloth then dab on the affected areas. It is possible to apply cistus compress. The rock rose treatment is carried out twice a day for at least  4 weeks especially in chronic diseases like atopic dermatitis.

Sitz Bath

For hemorrhoids in the vaginal area, a hip bath with a cistus is recommended. For this, boil about 10 grams of rockrose in about 250 ml of water for five minutes and then add to the lukewarm sitting bath. A  bath time of five minutes is adequate as a supplement you can apply cistus ointment or rockrose cream.

Internal Application

Internally the rock rose is used for sore throat, colds, influenza, gastritis, diabetes, heavy meats, and prevention. To prepare the necessary tea then pour a heaped teaspoonful of cabbage with boiling water per cup and let it draw for about 5 minutes and peel it off. Immediately afterward it is drinkable. Fresh mint, some mint tea change the taste of which you can depending on your taste drink up to 1 liter.

Lozenges containing rock rose are the alternatives. Generally, for sore throat and other cold symptoms, their intake is recommended. Anyone who has to travel by public transport on a daily basis can, so that the person does not get infected. Let a lozenge melt in his mouth while driving which strengths the defense and protect against contagion and it is also suitable for the prevention of all of the above-listed infections.