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Hayley Kiyoko’s Diet And Workout Routine

Hayley Kiyoko's Diet and Workout Routine

Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft is a famous American singer, actor, dancer, and songwriter. She has been in many great TV shows and movies, like CSI: Cyber (2015–16), XOXO (2016), and more. She is a great singer and songwriter in addition to being a great actress. Her solo albums like Sleepover, Feelings, and Curious have reached the top 20 US, Canada, and Australia charts. She has always been a perfect girl with a beautiful body, which has given her fans a reason to admire her. So, we’ll tell all of Hayley Kiyoko’s fans and our loyal readers everything there is to know about how she works out and what she eats.

Hayley Kiyoko Body Measurements

Height5 ft 4 inches
Weight54 kg
Age31 yrs
Breast32 inches
Waist26 inches

Hayley Kiyoko Workout Routine

Hayley Kiyoko, the star of “Workout Routine for the Girls,” is well-known and loved by her fans worldwide. Seeing how many people follow her on social media, like the 1.9 million people who follow her on Instagram, the 2.26 million people who subscribe to her YouTube channel, and the 550.6 thousand people who follow her on Twitter. Do Hayley Kiyoko’s millions of fans worldwide want to know what she does to work out?

Hayley’s body is well-kept and cute, mainly because she works out regularly. She is very into fitness and loves to do all kinds of exercises. Hayley Kiyoko’s workout routine includes a wide range of activities, such as strength training, cardio bouncing, core training, and stretching. She works out five times weekly for 45 to 70 minutes each time. She never comes up with reasons to skip her workouts because they help keep her muscles in shape.

Hayley Kiyoko Diet Plan

Hayley Kiyoko's Diet and Workout Routine

Hayley Kiyoko only eats healthy foods on her diet plan, except sometimes. She tries to eat a lot of protein, fiber, and other healthy foods. She keeps her body’s water level even by drinking a lot of water all day. To stay healthy and free of disease, she never drinks alcohol, eats unhealthy foods or dairy products, or eats a lot of carbs, fats, or sugar. Let’s take a quick look at Hayley Kiyoko’s diet plan to find out what she eats all day and how she lives her life. She is the lead singer of the band Chance.

Hayley Kiyoko’s diet consists of the following components:


  • Eggs scrambled
  • Waffles with blueberries and oats
  • Large chickpea pancake
  • Smoothie with fresh fruits


  • Tuna in a can with greens
  • Poppers with sweet potatoes and jalapenos
  • A serving of brown rice
  • Salads with lemony chickpeas and quinoa


  • Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Apple slices dipped in peanut butter
  • Dry fruits and mixed nuts


  • Chowder with Clams
  • Quinoa stew with kidney pie
  • Rice and Carolina peas
  • Salad with Kale Farro and Brussels Sprouts

This is all about Hayley Kiyoko’s well-known eating plan, which she follows daily to stay fit and healthy. Hayley’s beautiful body image is based on a balanced and healthy food regimen and a tight fitness plan. So, if her body figure inspires you, you must incorporate nutritious foods into your diet.