Hardik Pandya Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Hardik Pandya has become a big name in cricket in the past few years. All because of how well he plays cricket and how willing he is to give his all in every game. His bold style of play on the field has won him a huge number of fans all over the world. Here is Hardik Pandya Workout Routine & Diet Plan.

But it’s not just what he does on the field that makes his fans like him. People also like him a lot because he has a lean and means body. So, let’s talk about Hardik Pandya’s workout routine and diet plan, which help him stay in great shape and make him one of the best cricket players right now.

Workout Principles

Hardik is not only a great cricket player, but he also has a body he can be proud of. He has a lean, well-defined body, which says a lot about how hard he trains. Hardik Pandya’s workout plan is mostly made up of power/weight training and cardiovascular training.

His workout plan has not only given him a great body, but it has also helped him play better on the field.

Hardik Pandya Workout Routine

If you like Hardik Pandya and follow him on social media, you have probably seen his posts about working out. He has always loved working out, and he makes sure to stay in top shape 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

So, let’s take a close look at the different types of training that Hardik Pandya uses in his workout:

Hardik Pandya Workout

Strength training

Weight training has always been an important part of Hardik Pandya’s workout routine. In his weight training routine, he uses barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and his own body weight.

Hardik’s resistance training is aimed at making his body stronger and giving him more power when he jumps. Well, those are the things an athlete needs in order to hit hard and bowl fast.

Hardik works on getting stronger by doing the following exercises as part of his routine:

  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Snatch
  • Clean & jerk
  • Do a bench press.
  • Press from above
  • Deadlifts
  • Batwing rows
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Squats with weights
  • Hip thrusts with a barbell
  • Nordic curls

Hardik mostly does compound exercises when he works out with weights. He can work on multiple muscle groups at once with these moves. It also makes him more powerful when he explodes.

Hardik’s training goal has never been to get huge muscles. But that doesn’t stop him from lifting heavy weights. He can add lean muscle mass to his body by lifting heavy weights, and it also helps him become a better athlete overall.

Hardik Pandya Workout

Core Training

The stability and strength of an athlete’s core play a big role in how well he does in sports. Hardik is just like everyone else in this way. So, he makes sure to train his core muscles well, which is how most of his shirtless photoshoots show off his ripped 8-pack.

He does the following exercises to work on his stomach:

  • Sit-ups with weights
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Planks

Hardik likes to do different kinds of planks because they help him work his abs and obliques the best.


Hardik doesn’t do a lot of complicated things in his cardio routine. Instead of doing a lot of different cardio exercises, he puts running or sprinting at the top of his list. By doing this, he is able to keep his heart health in check. It also makes him more durable and helps him do better on the field.

Warm-up and cool-down

Hardik always makes sure to go through a proper warm-up routine before he starts his hard training sessions. Some agility and mobility drills, running, and stretching are all part of his warm-up routine.

He also does a cool-down routine at the end of his workouts to stretch and relax his muscles. This keeps him from getting hurt while training and also keeps his body flexible.

This is all about Hardik Pandya Workout.

Hardik Pandya Diet

Hardik has always eaten simple foods that his mother made. He didn’t know much about how to stick to a certain diet plan. But when he started playing cricket on an international level, he realized that he would have to eat a certain way to meet his body’s nutritional needs.

From then on, he ate according to a plan that took into account what his body needed to stay healthy. Hardik Pandya’s diet plan has a lot of protein but not a lot of carbs or fats.

Hardik Pandya’s daily meal plan includes four main meals that are all full of whole foods. Here are some of them:

1st Meal: Breakfast

  • Banana, avocado, orange, and pineapple
  • With skimmed milk, corn flakes, wheat flakes, and choco pop.
  • Nuts and dried fruit
  • Boiled eggs
  • Shredded chicken
  • Tuna
  • Brown bread/bread with lots of grains
  • jam or honey to put on top
  • sliced tomato, cucumber, onion, and lettuce
  • Fat-free cheese
  • Juice, coconut water, green tea, or coffee

2nd Meal: Lunch

  • Tomato soup with sweet corn
  • Roti/naan
  • Cooked rice
  • Lentils
  • Vegetable salad
  • Homemade seasonal vegetable
  • Rice with curds/steamed rice
  • Chicken Manchurian/kabab
  • Fruit salad
  • Low-fat yogurt or curd
  • Pickle
  • Coconut juice

3rd Meal: Snack in the evening

  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • Fruitcakes/cookies
  • Wraps of mutton
  • Tandoori chicken sandwich
  • Coffee, tea, or green tea

4th Meal: Dinner

  • Tomato soup or manchow
  • Fruit salad
  • Vegetable salad
  • Lentils
  • Chicken makhani
  • Any food that has cottage cheese in it
  • Low-fat yogurt or curd

Hardik also makes sure to drink a lot of water, even though he eats so much. So that he can do this, he drinks a lot of water all day. Hardik also doesn’t eat foods that are high in empty calories and refined sugar, or that have been heavily processed or fried. Well, you have to give up a lot to become a world-class cricket player.


So now that you know so much about Hardik Pandya’s workout routine and diet plan, it’s time for you to structure your fitness regime based on the info mentioned in this post. Just make slight modifications to it which will be in accordance with your training goals and experience.

Also, be consistent with following it so that you can gain the most out of it. We can assure you that it will take your fitness levels to a whole new standard.

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