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Gugudan Kang Mina Diet Plan & Workout Routine 2023

Gugudan Kang Mina

Gugudan Kang Mina was born on December 4th, 1999 in Icheon-si, South Korea, is a South Korean singer and also an actress. Gugudan Kang Mina is a South Korean singer, rapper actress, and host who is properly known for being a former member of the girl group I.O.I and for being a part of another girl group Gugudan, as well as its subgroups 5959 and Semina.

Mina has an exceptional career in the acting field, especially now: she is a part of two series and probably more. However, Mina is also recognized for her body transformation and shape, so if you also want the Gugudan Kang Mina workout and Gugudan Kang Mina diet plan keep seeing.

Gugudan Kang Mina Body Stats

Height5 ft 4 inches
Weight47 kg
Body BuildSlim
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBlack
Breast32 inches
Waist24 inches
Hips33 inches
Sexual OrientationStraight

Gugudan Kang Mina Workout Routine

Mina is one of the singers from the Gugudan groups; sadly they were dismissed last year in December since it was not going that well for them. Mina luckily got an assuring career start at K-Drama and won’t have to leave the industry. She is doing especially well. However, there is also her body shape that gets many people’s recognition. Most people saw Mina as chubby and then getting super lean, which was crucial for her to get as she could not have waited in the industry if Mina was not fit. So that’s why all of the fans also want to identify the secrets of Mina’s workout and the things she does to stay fit.

So one thing is for sure mina’s workout routine really contained doing a cardio workout for hours. Mina liked to do cardio which served her to burn several calories and get a lean plus toned body. But then, almost every Korean idol and actress does a daily stretching method for about 20-30 minutes. Gugudan Kang Mina’s workout includes:

Morning Routine

In the morning routine, do a cardio workout, Mina used to dance for her cardio, however, now as she is not performing it anymore, she either sticks to dancing for an hour and a half or does any other cardio workouts. Doing a dance routine and burning several calories while having fun. It will also get your body lean and flexible and give you that well-toned muscle.

Evening Routine

Do an hour to an hour and a half of pilates exercise in the evening routine. pilates is one of the workouts that almost every idol, model, star, and celebrity do to make a good body shape. Pilates supports you to stay fit, burn calories, get that flexibility, tone your muscles, and give you that slim waistline and well-shaped butt. That’s all you need to receive a body like Mina.

This is all about the workout routine of Gugudan Kang Mina.

Gugudan Kang Mina Diet Plan

Mina told in an interview that she lost 30 pounds by only sipping sparkling water and leaving food while she continues her training, Mina did amazingly stupid as many risks were involved, and it could have gone wrong for Mina. However, she eats healthy and maintains a balanced diet.

Gugudan Kang Mina diet includes:


  • Oatmeal including almonds and fruits


  • Smoothie


  • Chicken
  • A small bowl of rice
  • Veggies

Evening snack

  • Salad


  • Salmon
  • Veggies

This is all about the diet plan of Gugudan Kang Mina.

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Gugudan Kang Mina is a singer, dancer, and actress known for being a part of the group. She is mostly renowned for her body transformation and shape. She does a lot of workouts which helps her to be fit as well as her diet also includes healthy food that keeps her figure perfect.

Most of her fans also do the same workout done by her in order to get a body shape like her. Gugudan Kang Mina workout helps other people to be fit.