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Yeh ShuHua Diet plan & Workout Routine 2023

(G)I-DLE Yeh ShuHua

(G)I-DLE Yeh ShuHua was born on the 6th of January, 2000 in Taiwan and was raised by her parents. Furthermore, her hobby is acting. Her childhood dream was to become an artist and travel the world. For her education, Shuhua accompanied Hwa Kang Arts School. Additionally, she can talk Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean. Apart from these, no additional news about her family and educational background is available.

Shuhua along with her group members is well recognized by the fans as well as viewers. Their debut track ‘LATATA’ topped the iTunes charts as well as protected the charts in 11 countries.

(G)I-DLE Yeh ShuHua Body Stats

Height5 ft 3 inches
Weight45 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Breast Size32 inches
Waist Size23 inches
Hips33 inches

(G)I-DLE Yeh ShuHua Workout Routine

Shuhua is an incredible musician and singer. When she acts live on stage, many fans just get mesmerized by her dance moves which are so ridiculous and sexy at the same time. Shuhua can make those dance movements seem so good because of her slim and slender body figure.

There were not many things about her exercise routine, which is not that surprising. When any new club gets formed for a couple of years, they don’t talk a lot about their diet or workout because of specific issues. We all know various stars get body-shamed and trolled because of certain things they did to accomplish that. Shuhua does not do many workouts other than the group’s dance practice. Which in itself is a fabulous workout routine and does help her burn a quite lot of calories.

It won’t be that unusual if Shuhua only does that as her workout routine. An ordinary Kpop artist does dance for two hours, so even Shuhua does at least that number of dancing five to six days a week.

The training will go on for six days a week and include two workouts and days that many K-pop artists adapt. As you probably won’t be deciding to be an idol, we will take it at our pace and won’t get super hard on the exercise routine. The summit that we will workout is going  to be two to three hours a day, So her workout includes:

 Morning Routine

In the morning routine, we will begin with stretching exercises that will take about 10 to 20 minutes. You can do whole-body ranges and even use the roller to stretch your back and open up all your muscles. After that, it will be a warm-up which will include some exercises like squats, push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, etc.

After that, we will do an hour of dance work similar to the Shuhua workout routine. If you are related to working out, you can do it for an hour including half to two hours. It will help you drop fat and tone your entire body muscles.

Evening Routine

We will do two exercises in the evening routine that is for about all-girl Kpop artist routine; yoga and pilates. These workouts get accepted by many Kpop stars, models, actresses, and even Hollywood singers. Feel easy to do an hour of yoga and Pilates alternatively for six days. It will improve your body toned up and get flexible like Shuhua.

This is all about the workout routine of (G)I-DLE Yeh ShuHua.

Yeh ShuHua Diet Plan

A while ago, Shuhua revealed her diet, and it is not that great, but it won’t kill you. It is one of the do you take when you have no other alternative left, and you need fast outcomes. Her diet includes:


  • Apple
  • Low-fat Yogurt


  • A small bowl of rice
  • Kimchi
  • Some slide dishes


  • One sweet potato
  • Chicken breast

She’s not permitted to eat oily, fatty, and junk foods. Also, sweets are off the chart, many other limitations are there. Doing intermittent fasting is better for results and keeping clean foods in your diet: also consuming less than 1.6k calories a day.

This is all about the diet plan of Yeh ShuHua.


(G)I-DLE Yeh ShuHua also identified as Shuhua, is a singer and dancer in the Kpop group who is appreciated as one of the best-looking girls. She does have a pleasant personality and charm about her. The body figure of Shuhua makes her look super appealing and sexy. She also does a workout which helps her to gain perfect body shapes. Many of her fans do the same workout routine to have a body shape as her.

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