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Gal Gadot Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Gal Gadot workout

Gal Gadot is a well-known Israeli actress and model, best known for her role as Gisele Yashar in the ‘Fast & Furious film franchise. She is an iconic figure in the Jewish world of entertainment, ranking fifth on Shalom Life’s list of the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world. Gal Gadot began her career as a model and rose to become the country’s leading model, also winning the prestigious Miss Israel pageant.

She’s a natural at stunts, thanks in part to her time as a combat instructor in the Israel Defense Forces. Gal Gadot  Workout routine, site plan & discipline is largely responsible for her successful career. So tune in to last to know about Gal Gadot daily workout routine & diet plan

Gal Gadot Height & Weight

Gal Gadot stands at a height of 5ft 10 inches and weighs around 64 kg. She has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Moreover, her body measurement is 34-23-34 inches and she wears a shoe size of 9 (US)

Real NameGal Gadot
Birth DateApril 30, 1985
Age 36 Year Old
Height (inches) 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight (kg)64 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorLight Brown
Shoe size(US)9 (US) or 39.5 (EU)
Bra sizeNA
Body Measurement (inches)34-23-34 inches

Gal Gadot Diet Plan

What does Gal Gadot eat in a day? She tries to eat a nutrient-dense diet free of processed foods and sugars as much as possible. This means she prioritizes lean proteins, eats plenty of fresh vegetables every day, and does everything she can to incorporate high-quality carbohydrates.

She grew up in Israel, so she is used to eating the Mediterranean diet. This makes it easier for her to stick to healthy foods because she already craves them. Most of her meals are quick and easy, which fits in with her hectic schedule.

Gal Gadot diet plan
Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Breakfast

What does Gal Gadot eat for breakfast? Gal usually begins her day with a hearty breakfast of eggs and fresh seasonal fruit. Cantaloupe, berries, apples, and grapes come to mind. The combination provides her with the right protein mix as well as a plethora of vitamins and minerals, providing her with a natural energy boost.

If she’s looking for a quick way to get more vegetables into her day, she’ll make a smoothie with her daughter. Green apple, ginger, celery, and parsley are among her favorite ingredients. If she has any vegetables or fruit that need to be used up quickly, she will toss them into the blender as well. As a result, she has a nutrient-dense meal that sets her up for a good and healthy rest of the day.

Her morning routine isn’t complete unless she has a cup of coffee. She enjoys coffee, which she drinks either in black or with a little sugar.

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Gal enjoys sushi for lunch, but she avoids sea urchins, clams, and salmon roe. The fish with rice adheres to the Mediterranean diet and always leaves her feeling satisfied. Having said that, she doesn’t eat sushi very often. Instead, she attempts to make her plate a true representation of the Mediterranean diet, but with WAY more vegetables.

She’ll eat a small amount of lean protein, such as chicken or grilled salmon, and fill the rest of her plate with seasonal vegetables. If she wants something heartier, she’ll add some brown rice or quinoa to the mix.

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Gal Gadot Dinner

What does Gal Gadot eat for Dinner? She eats grilled chicken breast with a side salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, or she’ll sauté fresh fish with lemon, thyme, and garlic. She also enjoys the occasional juicy takeout burger, but she prepares the majority of her meals at home with her family.


Gal’s favorite snack is one that I enjoy eating whenever possible. It’s avocado toast time! But she takes it up a notch by serving it with plenty of fresh vegetables. Bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and celery are her go-to vegetables. It’s high in fiber and vitamin C, so it’ll keep her healthy.

Gal Gadot Workout Routine

How many hours a day does Gal Gadot work out? Gal’s workout regimen has always been rigorous. Her military background aided in the formation of her excellent habits. Her workouts when she was younger and more involved in modeling and fashion focused on building lean muscle and toning it up.

Those workouts included a lot of bodyweight exercises. This helped her stay lean and prevented her from gaining a lot of muscle, which would have detracted from the image she wanted to project.

When Gal is preparing for Wonder Woman, her workout routine takes on a whole new meaning. She worked out for six hours every day. SEVEN! That kind of workout would bulk you up no matter who you are! But that was her intention—after all, Wonder Woman is a superhero.

I never recommend working out that hard every day, especially if you want to stay lean and trim. But that doesn’t mean her workout routine isn’t adaptable to your needs. TRX workouts are her favorite type of exercise, but she also enjoys a more intense routine on occasion.

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Gal Gadot Cardio Workout

Gal doesn’t usually run on the treadmill to increase her heart rate. Instead, she usually does boxing or rowing for about 10 minutes before beginning her strength routine. Rowing is great for cardio, but it can also be used to build leg muscle quickly. If you want to avoid bulking up, try one of these great cardio exercises instead.

Strength Training Exercise

The majority of Gal’s strength training does not necessitate the use of heavyweights. Keeping true to her TRX obsession, the star focuses on bodyweight exercises. Here are a few of her personal favorites:

  • Mountain climbers – 1 minute
  • Pushups – 1 minute
  • Pull-ups – 7 reps repeated 3 times, resting in between
  • Burpee broad jumps – 1 minute

These exercises provide her with a full-body workout without the use of weights, making them ideal for on-the-go training.

Gal does a static plank for 30 seconds followed by a one-minute rest when she wants to work on her abs. She then does 30 seconds of pushups followed by a minute of rest. She goes through the circuit three times.

Gal, on the other hand, prefers to get her abs in with non-traditional exercises. She enjoys swimming and paddle boarding whenever she is near water. Both exercises work her abs and build functional core strength without causing her to bulk up.


Gal Gadot has maintained herself fit and healthy by doing simple exercises and Her diet also emphasizes the importance of eating plenty of fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy high-quality complex carbohydrates as a great way to fuel your body.

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