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Ewan McGregor Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is a skilled Scottish actor who is a Hollywood movie star. Ewan McGregor is famous for portraying Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi’ In earlier Star Wars Movies. Ewan McGregor is also a completed director too.

Ewan McGregor’s age is almost 50 years, as Ewan McGregor was born on the 31st March 1971 in Perth, Scotland. Ewan McGregor has Played different prevalent roles in movies from various genres, including independent dramas, Musicals, and sci-fi movies. Ewan Mc Gregor has won prominent awards for his impressive acting skills and numerous other award nominations.

Have you ever wondered how Ewan McGregor stays so fit, healthy and energetic? Find out Ewan McGregor’s Workout Routine & Diet plan in the article.

Ewan McGregor Body Stats

Weight74 Kg
Body buildSlim
Chest42 Inch
Waist34 Inch
Biceps14 Inch
Shoe Size10 US
Age50 years

Workout Principles

Ewan McGregor dislikes the gym. Free weights, circuit training as well as treadmills. They bore him, so he favors performing his workout outdoors by doing different activities or jogging. Five miles is his standard run, but he sometimes forces it to 8. These days he is running to Pink Floyd and the collection Absolution by the British band Muse.

Ewan McGregor’s Workout Routine

It is incredible how Ewan McGregor has arranged to stay young and fit all these years. He has exposed that he does not engage himself in any workout routine. McGregor keeps himself strong and works by doing outdoor exercises. He even showed his love of skiing, and he loves to run outdoors. Here is Ewan McGregor’s workout routine includes:

Monday: Run 5-8 miles Outdoors

  • On Monday, he goes 5-8 miles.

Tuesday: Rest or Get Active

  • On Tuesday, McGregor rests or has an exercise day where he does sports, hiking, or biking outside. Etc.

Wednesday: Run 5-8 Miles Outdoors

  • On Wednesday, McGregor runs 5-8 miles repeat.

Thursday: Rest Or Get Active

  • He hits a rest day on Thursday or gets active by doing different activities.

Friday: Run 5-8 Miles Outdoors

  • On Friday, McGregor runs 5-8 miles outward.

Saturday: Rest or Get Active

  • On Saturday, he naps or has an activity day again.

Sunday: Run 5-8 Miles Outdoors

  • On Sunday, he runs outside for 5-8 miles.

Ewan McGregor’s Diet

There is nothing crazy about his dietary changes to-do-so, which makes this even more fun to share. Granting such small swaps to keep it sustainable for him was enough to have much of a consequence on his overall weight.

In Trainspotting, McGregor performs the role of a heroin addict; to look the part, he spent over 25 pounds. For the role, he ate grilled food and quit drinking beer, instead, he started drinking wine or gin. Here is Ewan McGregor’s diet:


  • Eggs, healthy juice


  • Chicken Breast, rice


  • Salad bowl, lean protein, wine/gin


Ewan McGregor uses the subsequent supplements to help fuel his gains:

  • Vitamins
  • Protein Shakes

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