Eve Hewson Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Eve Hewson was born on July 7, 1991, in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland to her parents Ali Hewson also Paul David Hewson. Her mother, Ali Hewson is an activist as well as a businesswoman who is the brain behind two ethical brands: Nude Skincare products and the EDUN fashion industry. Her father, Paul David Hewson is identified as Bono is the frontman and lead vocalist for the rock band U2.

As the daughter of a well-known celebrity, she did not have to struggle much to be taken in this film industry. She is also recognized for the Bridge of Spines and Enough said.

Eve Hewson Body Stats

Height5 ft 1 inch
Weight53 kg
Breast34 inches
Waist25 inches
Hips35 inches
Body TypePears
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGreen

Eve Hewson Workout Routine

Eve Hewson has not had much passion for the gym, but she takes her exercise very seriously because it is necessary for her to remain in shape. Instead of going to the gym, she favors working out in fresh air.

Eve Hewson workout routine involves:

  • For cardio, she likes running and cycling
  • Being an actress by profession she is normally on the move which takes a toll on her workout regime, but she restrains herself ready.
  • Eve Hewson goes for a walk around every day and counts her steps.
  • Eve Hewson prefers jumping rope.
  • Her workout regime also adds some weight training.
  • She also meditates for an untroubled mind.
  • Eve Hewson concentrates on a full-body workout and her yoga routine includes Surya Namaskar, playing for her arms and shoulders, tree postures, chair postures for her legal, and several others.
  • And she likes to go swimming which helps in maintaining her fit body.
  • Eve Hewson regularly follows her workout regime outwardly a miss.
  • She is continually inspired. If she gets bored including a routine she changes it.

This is all about the workout routine of Eve Hewson.

Eve Hewson Diet Plan

Eve Hewson is a true believer in the fact that a proper diet is very important to stay in shape, Eve Hewson pays good attention to what she consumes. She accompanies a special lively diet to maintain her slender figure. A lively diet means eating three nutritious meals a day.

Eve Hewson diet plan involves:

  • Her day starts with breakfast consisting of fruits with toast and probiotic yogurt.
  • For lunch, she likes to eat grilled chicken with loads of vegetables.
  • Her dinner consists of greens and grilled fish.
  • Eve Hewson tries to stay apart from alcohol and only drinks vodka with fresh lemon.
  • She also goes on a detox diet once or twice a month and waits on only fruits and liquids.
  • On cheat days she loves to treat herself to burgers, chocolates, and spicy Mexican food.
  • Eve Hewson likes to take fresh fruit juice and coconut water to keep her body hydrated plus fit.
  • She also needs vitamin supplements with every meal,

This is all about the diet plan of Eve Hewson.

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Eve Hewson is an Irish actress who has been determined in this profession for over a decade. Eve Hewson does lots of workouts which helps her to be in a complete body shape. Her diet also includes healthy meals that actually keep her fit. Most of her fans also do a similar exercise which helps them to be in a body frame as Eve Hewson.

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