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Elsa Pataky Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2022

Elsa Pataky was born on 18 July 1976 in Spain. She is a Spanish model, actress, and film producer. Elsa’s career has given her opportunities to work in various locations all over the world and has appeared on the cover of different magazines.

Elsa Pataky Body Stats

Height1.61 m /5 ft 3 inch
weight54 kg
breast size34
 Hip 33
feet7 US
body measurement 34-24-33

Elsa’s workout

Her schedule includes different types of exercise such as glute work, yoga, boxing, beach workouts, horseback riding, and more.

Weight Training and Stretching

She does one or two yoga workouts, does three intense 30-minute weight training sessions per week, she also allocates time for stretching after each one. She focuses more on stretching the muscle which helps to make her get a beautiful shape.

Exercise ‘Snacking’

She uses weight instead of eating food like regularly snacking. For instance, she does some pushups, lunges, or squats which helps to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Meditation is one of the most important things for our body to be healthy. It keeps our mind and body in balance. She meditates both in the morning and at night.


She does yoga which helps her to define muscle and keeps a leaner frame for her body. She does two yoga sessions per week.


She got obsessed with looking at sportswomen and runners on TV. She has control over her food choices and only likes to put food in her body which helps her to reach her fitness goals.


She does activity keep herself moving and active. She goes out in the ocean surfing that keeps her energy level up.

Elsa Pataky’s Diet Plan

Her diet is super simple and convenient. She avoided going to restaurants. She consumes a plant-based diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and olive oil.

Supplements and Nutrients

She takes vitamins especially when food can’t give all kinds of nutrients possible. Some of the vitamins that she consumes:

  • Vitamin and Supplements
  •  Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Women’s Vitamins
  • Mg Supplements


Pataky focuses on eating fresh, wholesome foods and fills her plate with whole grain and green salads.

What To Eat

1. Whole, natural foods
2. Vegetables
3. Fruits
4. Seeds
5. Nuts
6. Whole grains
7. Fresh fish
8. Olive oil
9. water


Elsa Pataky believes in three key pillars to living healthier and happier movements are nutrition and mental fitness. She is very conscious about her diet plan. She is a positive type of person.

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