Does Excessive cardio Effect your heart? Effect of doing too much cardio

Cardio is a great way to stay in shape and to keep you healthy. However, with so much hyper and fitness addiction nowadays, people sometimes forget that too much of anything isn’t good. It is thus best to do cardio in moderation. Don’t believe us? Well then let us tell you about the effects of doing too much cardio.

You might feel excessively tired all the time

Cardio exercise is excellent for recharging your energy. If you find yourself dozing off at work over lunch, go for a quick stroll instead of grabbing for yet another cup of coffee. However, if you realize that spend your day exhausted all or most of your time, this might be your body indicating you to reduce your cardio.

Moderate exercise puts the body under a decent amount of stress. Your bones and muscles get stronger as a result of it. Excessive exercise, on the other hand, can drain and exhaust us if the body is overworked.

Excessive cardio can cause your heart health to deteriorate

Moderate amount of cardio are actually helpful to your heart. After all, the prefix “cardio” means “heart”. Suitable amounts of cardio exercises can help to make your cardiac muscles stronger. However, if you over do it, it might weaken your heart. Research has shown that many marathoners actually have some deleterious effects going on in their hearts. Their cardiac muscles may not work as effectively and sometimes their heart size has even changed. Although the heart recovers from transient sessions of extreme cardio exercises within a week, prolonged excessive amounts of cardio can cause your heart to become permanently damaged. So please make sure that you are getting adequate amounts of rest. Adding in yoga can also help improve heart health. Here’s how.

You cannot achieve that toned body you were dreaming of just doing cardio

Once you begin doing excessive amounts of cardio exercises, you may start to neglect other important parts of working out. It is vital to remember that although cardio can aid in weight loss, it actually gets rid of muscle mass along with fat. This means that you might actually end up having a soft and lean body in comparison to the toned body you may have been hoping for.

In fact, cardio is actually an ideal exercise for building your endurance, rather than for weight loss. This is because when doing cardio, you lose your muscle mass too. This makes your metabolism rate slow and even if you lose weight in the beginning it isn’t unlikely for your weight to increase again. This is why if achieving that target supermodel body is your target, you should start including other forms of exercise such as weight training into your routine.

 You may begin to lose interest in exercise

Although you may be one of those people who love doing cardio, it is important to know that there will be times when you just feel off or don’t feel like working out at all. If this happens, do not worry, this is just your mind telling you that it is time to bring some variety into the routine. It is only human to become bored of doing the same things over and over again, even if you love doing it. Thus, it is important to take some time off during times when you do not feel motivated. Or add in some other kinds of exercises into your routine such as Zumba, yoga, meditation or weight lifting.

You may have trouble falling asleep

If you’ve ever told your doctor you’re having trouble sleeping, she’ll undoubtedly tell you to get some exercise. Moderate exercise can help to avoid or perhaps cure insomnia.

However, new evidence suggests that too much activity might cause sleep problems. Over-exercising, it turns out, can raise the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. Stress hormones might keep you awake at night, causing you to toss and turn. Consider reducing your gym time and seeing what happens.