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5 Eating Habits Of Hailey Bieber That Keep Her Fit

Haiely Beiber

With the debut of Hailey Bieber’s cosmetics line, it’s more apparent than ever that the model values health and fitness. Bieber likes to show her lean body and lovely complexion in the latest Rhode promo photos on Instagram. Now, a range of goods corroborates how Bieber maintains her skin, but what about her body? In terms of workouts, she has been seen doing weight training, pilates, and boxing. But she must also maintain a nutritious diet; after all, working out and eating fast food will not go you very far.

Bieber has been open about what she eats (and does not eat). While she is concerned with how she feels, she is less concerned with her actual weight. “I never step on a scale except when I go to the doctor!” she told Elle.

She does not consume a lot of meat.

Haiely Beiber

Even though Hailey no longer only eats plants, she still doesn’t eat much meat. “I don’t only eat plant-based foods, and I still eat meat. Just that I don’t eat very much of it. I bought more fish, vegetables, and lentils,” she said.

She stays away from gluten.

Haiely Beiber

The supermodel prefers gluten-free spaghetti. She tries to avoid bread as much as possible: “I don’t consume a lot of gluten, so I’m trying to be picky. I like a decent kale Caesar salad without croutons. While a gluten-free diet works for Bieber, it may not work for everyone since it might have some negative health consequences, like as not eating enough healthy grains or being too rigorous with your diet.

She consumes a lot of water.


The supermodel must stay hydrated. “I try to drink a couple of bottles during the day,” she said. Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily is suggested since it may increase cognitive function, support your organs, and assist your body recover after activity. Not to mention that it is a far better alternative to sugary drinks.

She prepares her meals.

Haiely Beiber

Hailey is no stranger to the kitchen, as seen by her TikTok viral pizza toast! But she’s capable of much more than one classic platter—the Biebers like cooking together since it allows them to control better what goes into their meals. “The food tastes different at home because it’s so fresh,” she said to Vogue. They love cooking nutritious vegetables and corn on the cob- delicious!

She restricts her sugar consumption.

Haiely Beiber


While Hailey enjoys a delicious dessert now and then, she strives to restrict her sugar intake for the most part. “I want the Magnum bars; obviously, they’re fantastic. However, I try to avoid sugar in general.  Aside from Magnum bars, the actress enjoys baking handmade cookies with Justin.