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Dolly Castro Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro is from Managua, Nicaragua, in Central America. She is a fitness model and actress. She is also a great designer of clothes from Miami. She loves to go with the flow. Working hard pays off! Dolly gets her great body by working hard and taking care of her health. The beautiful woman works hard and has a clear idea of what she wants, which makes her a perfect person.

  • Nationality: Nicaraguan
  • Career: Fitness Model and Actress
  • Birth Date: 1984

But as time went on, Dolly’s dreams changed, too. Later, she decided to keep going with her career as a model. Before, she decided to become a chef, but now her family wants her to become a lawyer.

After a while, Dolly moved to Miami to make a better life for herself. She had excellent skills that made people want to follow her. People are permanently driven by her motivational talks and quotes.

Dolly Castro workout

Dolly Castro Body Measurement

Height5 ft 5 inches
Weight55 kg
Breast34 inches
Waist23 inches
Hips40 inches

Dolly Castro’s Workout

Make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks before you start your workout or training program. Make sure to warm up before you work out and stretch out after you’re done. This can help you avoid getting hurt while working out or exercising.

You can’t get a healthy body and a good figure just by eating right. But it would help if you combined a healthy diet with a good workout routine. Dolly likes to work out her legs and her stomach. Some of her favorite exercises are high-repetition dumbbell squats, wide-grip pulldowns behind the neck, lateral raises, and cross crunches.

  • High-rep dumbbell squats
  • Back of the neck wide-grip pulldown
  • Lateral Raises
  • Cross-crawls

Dolly Castro’s Diet

Dolly said, “On the weekends, one of my favorite breakfasts to make is low-carb, high-fiber french toast. I even make a little extra batter and keep it in the fridge when I want to make them but don’t have time.” She even said that proper nutrition and supplements are responsible for 70% weight loss and that exercise only accounts for 30%.

As Dolly says, she would rather eat than work out. Dolly is very strict and right about what she eats and how she works out.

Dolly Castro Diet


It’s hard to change into her in a few days. But it took her years of hard work to get to the size she is now. After looking at Dolly Castro’s diet and workout, we can see that if we want to be like her, we have to work hard. Her daily routine inspires and motivates us to keep our bodies healthy.