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Deepika Padukone Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Diet

Deepika Padukone is a well-known Bollywood actress who has been in many movies that were big hits at the box office. She even played a role in the third part of XXX with Vin Diesel.

Deepika’s best qualities are her flawless beauty, her talent, and her beautiful body. And the fact that you’re here shows that you really want to know about Deepika Padukone’s workouts and diet. Isn’t it?

Let’s start, because this post will give you a lot of information about them.

Deepika Padukone Workout Principles

Deepika’s fitness journey began when she was young. Her father, Prakash Padukone, is a well-known badminton player, so she grew up around fitness. She used to play badminton at both the state and national levels. She still plays badminton whenever she has the chance, and she is very good at it.

Deepika’s athletic background is the main reason why she is so fit. But she also uses different ways to work out to keep her body in shape. She works out at the gym 5 or 6 times a week and trains with well-known celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.

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Deepika Padukone’s Workout Routine

Deepika Padukone’s workout routine is a big reason why she has always looked like a diva over the course of her career.

Deepika Padukone workout routine includes:

Deepika Padukone workout

Walking and Running

To keep herself in great shape 24×7, Deepika isn’t always dependent on a well-equipped gymnasium. She does things like walking and running on a regular basis, which gives her body a great cardio workout and doesn’t require her to go to the gym.

Deepika walks first thing in the morning, then runs. She takes about 30 minutes to do her morning routine. By doing this, she keeps her body fit and flexible. It also makes her heart and lungs work better and makes her look leaner.

Gym training

Deepika’s gym workouts are meant to improve her muscle strength and endurance, keep her at her ideal weight and burn off any extra fat on her body. Weight training with light to moderate weights, bodyweight exercises (like push-ups, pull-ups, bench dips, hip thrusts, squats, etc.), and cardio are all part of her gym workouts (including cycling, treadmill, or elliptical)

She does exercises like planks, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, sit-ups, tuck jumps, and tuck jumps to keep her abs flat and toned.


Pilates is now used by almost every big name in Bollywood. Deepika is just like everyone else in this way. Deepika’s favorite way to work out is Pilates. It helps her get stronger, more mobile, more flexible, and improve her posture. It also gives her core muscles a good workout and makes them look more toned.

So, if you want a ripped and toned midsection like Deepika, you should definitely add pilates to your workout routine.


Deepika is a strong advocate for doing yoga. She does yoga to keep her body slim and flexible. Some of the poses and movements in her yoga routine are the warrior pose, the cat pose, the shoulder stand, and the sun salutations.

Deepika has also been very careful to keep a close eye on her mental health. She has been depressed before, so she makes sure that her mental health doesn’t go down the drain. She does meditation and pranayama to keep her body and mind free from stress. It helps her think more clearly and keeps her brain from getting foggy.


Deepika is not only a great actress, but she is also a great dancer. And this is what has happened as a result of her serious dancing sessions. She gets a full-body workout from dancing, and she does it with a smile on her face. She usually practices dance styles like Bharatanatyam, Bollywood Jazz, and Zumba.

Keep changing, keep growing

Deepika knew that sticking to the same workout routine for a long time can hurt one’s training progress. So she doesn’t have this problem, she changes her workout routine every 21–30 days. This keeps her workouts from getting boring and repetitive. It gives her body the shock it needs to keep growing.


Deepika’s body moves quickly and bends easily. This is because she stretches before and after her workouts. Her stretching routine consists of both static and dynamic stretches that help her muscles relax and stay flexible.

Deepika Padukone workout

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Deepika keeps her fit and athletic body by following a healthy, well-balanced diet plan. She has never given in to food trends or diet plans that help people lose weight or fat quickly.

Deepika Padukone’s diet is pretty well-balanced, with the right amount of each nutrient. This helps her stay in great shape and gives her the energy she needs to keep up with her busy schedule.

Deepika prefers eating homemade food over anything else. This way, she can avoid eating foods that may be bad for her health because they have too many calories, fats, bad carbs, refined sugars, or salt. Deepika Padukone’s diet plan has a lot of carbs and proteins, but not as many fats. She eats between 5 and 6 meals a day.

So, let’s find out more about what Deepika Padukone diet plan looks like:-


  • 1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds


  • Idli
  • Rava dosa
  • Upma
  • Low-fat milk
  • 2 whites of eggs


  • Fresh veggies
  • 2-3 Chapatis
  • Grilled fish

Evening snack

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Filter coffee


  • Chapatis
  • Vegetables


  • 1 bowl of seasonal fruits
  • Fruit juice/coconut water

Dessert (optional)

  • Dark chocolate


Deepika likes to eat idli and upma when she wants to snack. The amount of fat in them is pretty low, so they are her favorite snack. She also likes to eat fresh fruit between meals to stop feeling hungry and give her body the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Staying hydrated

Deepika makes sure to drink 8–10 glasses of water every day to keep her body well hydrated. She also likes to drink smoothies, fresh fruit juices, and coconut water. By doing this, she helps her hair and skin stay healthy.

Cheat meals

Deepika is very good at sticking to her diet plan, so she rarely has a cheat meal. She loves to eat street food like sev puris, vada paos, etc. when she’s hungry. But she makes sure not to eat too many of them.

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Before you start doing Deepika Padukone’s workouts and eating the same way she does, you should figure out what your body type is. Everyone has a different body type, so each person’s fitness plan needs to fit that body type.

So, make changes to Deepika’s training plan and nutrition plan that fit your body type and training goals. That would be the best thing for you. Also, make sure to stick to your fitness plan just like Deepika does. We can promise you that it will change your overall fitness level over time.