What is Color Psychology? 4 Colors That Can Make You Happy And Uplift Your Mood

Color Psychology

Colors are everywhere, and we can’t deny their absence makes us sad and depressed. You’re probably wondering if that’s true. Ladies, it is because, as Pablo Picasso so aptly put it, “colors, like characteristics, follow the changes of emotions.” Different colors elicit various emotions and can influence your mood, thoughts, and feelings. Specific colors, unsurprisingly, have been linked to lower blood pressure, increased metabolism, and a higher quality of life. But before we get into the colors that make people happy, let’s look at color psychology.

What is color psychology?

The study of colors in human behavior is known as color psychology. It determines how color influences our daily choices, such as what we purchase. Is the color of a dress enough to entice us to buy it? Do the colors on a box influence our decision to purchase one brand over another? Is it true that the color of an icon influences our decision to click on it? Yes, to put it briefly. The why, on the other hand, is a little more complicated. Why we choose specific colors for others can be influenced by their meanings. The meanings of the same color will vary depending on our upbringing, gender, place, beliefs, and several other factors.

4 Colors That Help To Uplift Your Mood According To Science


Most people associate this color with calm, gentleness, and harmony. It’s also a color that can help with stress relief. Yes, it lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, lowers heart rate, and makes you happy! To feel positive feelings, you might wear blue-colored clothing or paint your room in the appropriate shade of blue (lighter ones).


This color is typically associated with purity and freshness, making people feel at ease. White is a bright color that can also add a sense to the room, making a person feel good in various ways. White is popular since it represents new beginnings or a fresh start.


To relieve tension, avoid bright greens and opt for beige and pale yellow-green. This color is closely connected with nature and is reassuring in the truest sense. This color is soothing and relaxing, and it aids in the reduction of anxiety. Seeing or wearing this color makes some people feel compassionate, while others feel energized and hopeful.


Pink is another color that encourages happiness and joy. Pink, according to Feng Shui, helps to diffuse tension and fills a space with positive energy. Pink will make some people feel refreshed and optimistic because it reminds them of all the flowers in full bloom. You may wear the color to add a splash of youth to your look while remaining incredibly stylish. A neutral shade or baby pink, rather than the darker types, exudes calmness.

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