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Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Favorite Eating Habit

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth undoubtedly comes to mind when you think about fitness ambitions. For years, the star’s impressive muscles and toned figure have stunned MCU fans, and now he’s back in action. “Thor: Love and Thunder” opens on July 8, and we’re curious what Hemsworth consumes to play a thunder god. The actor has always been in great form, although his diet has altered from film to film. Hemsworth, now 38, has one dietary routine that he regularly maintains to maintain his picture-perfect figure.

In a recent interview, the “Thor” actor discussed his current diet. Hemsworth eats balanced meals most of the time: “I eat a lot of protein, but I also eat a lot of veggies,” he says. According to his on-set chef and nutritional adviser Sergio Perera, a typical supper for Hemsworth may include white fish with grilled mushrooms and raw broccoli salad or grilled mahi-mahi with asparagus, roasted tomato, and nondairy Caesar salad.

nondairy Caesar salad

Notice what’s absent from these meals: carbohydrates. In his diet, the actor isn’t a great admirer of carbohydrates. “I don’t consume a lot of carbohydrates. I believe my body reacts better to lean protein, good fats, and veggies, “He said. However, you may be surprised to learn that the celebrity enjoys dessert and fast food. “But, like everybody, you know, I have a sweet taste,” he said. “I have a big desire and enthusiasm for pizza, burgers, ice cream, and all the bad stuff.”

So, how does Hemsworth manage to satisfy all of his cravings? His greatest diet secret is that he eats most of the time healthily but allows himself the occasional delicious cheeseburger. “I try to apply an 80-20 rule to myself… The excellent account for 80% of the total, while the inexpensive account for 20%. “All, if you will,” he said.


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