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Chris Evans has now revealed how much muscle He has lost since leaving his role as Captain America

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is back on the familiar heroic ground in Lightyear, Pixar’s sort-of prequel to Toy Story, in which he plays the astronaut who would go on to inspire Tim Allen’s action figure role in the original film. (It makes sense.)While promoting Lightyear with Yahoo Entertainment contributor Kevin Polowy, Evans commented on how life has changed for him after leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he portrayed Steve Rogers aka Captain America from 2011’s The First Avenger through 2019’s Endgame. In addition to performing a broader range of duties, Evans stated that his training program has changed since he hung up the shield, and he is carrying a lot less bulk these days.

“It’s a literal weight off my shoulders,” he said. “I think I’ve lost around 15 pounds. Every time someone sees me, they ask, “Are you okay?” You’ve shed a little weight… I haven’t had to work as hard at the gym.

“You know, it’s different, it’s different,” he said again. “For ten years, there was always a movie around the corner; for ten years, you finished one and then your life was planned by, OK, in six months we have a press, and in six more months we start the next movie. There are aspects of it that are great, and parts of it that I truly miss, because it was a position that meant a lot to me, and I love those people, and it will be the finest 10 years of my professional life, without a doubt, forever.”

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