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Charlie Puth Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Charlie Puth

A famous American pop singer Charlie Puth started gaining popularity by posting his original songs and covers to his Youtube channel. Through his medium, he was presented to the world and signed in by Ellen DeGeneres for a record label, considered the commencement of his official career.

Charlie Puth was born Charles Otto Puth Jr on the 2nd of December 1991. He is the most adult son of Debra Puth and Charles Puth Sr. He was born and grown in Rumson, New Jersey, along with younger siblings Stephen and Mikaela.

Charlie Puth Body Stats

Weight74 Kg
Chest42 inch
Waist32 inch
Biceps14.5 inch
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorHazel

Charlie Puth Workout Routine

The workout routine of Charlie Puth includes a lot of cardio and weight training. He declared that he does not want to get super bulky like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he needs at least 30% of the bulk that Arnold Schwarzenegger has. He also spoke about how he worked during the tour. Charlie also said that intense exercises are where he can get all the muscles working together. His workout includes:


He likes to do the treadmill and even said that if he could, he would also take around this treadmill on the tour bus. Charlie running on the treadmill is like a meditation wherever he can space out and think about his music and stuff.

Weight Training

In the weight training routine, Charlie stated that he likes making lunges; the more lunges you do, the more V-shape line you will notice on your abs. The next thing he revealed to us in the video is TRX rows that he also does before the concert for better posture. Then he passes on to some pulldowns as, according to him, you can never get back work out. Then he goes to military dumbbell press, latest advances, hammer curls, etc.

Charlie Puth Diet Plan

Charlie spoke about his diet, how he was not eating fully healthy a year ago, and how he has replaced now to be a healthier person. Charlie does not consume eggs and pork; he is even allergic to the pig. Besides, he destroys almost everything from fish to chicken and steak to vegetables.

Charlie also likes a good sushi meal for his dinner, making sure that he adds avocado and cucumber during his meals. He also takes a protein shake and a smoothie made from almond milk, apple, banana, yogurt, and cinnamon. Charlie also takes a lot of tea to keep his vocals sound, and it also serves him stay healthy.

Charlie Puth Breakfast Meal

  • smoothie and coffee

Lunch Meal

  • Salmon and Veggies

Dinner Meal

  • Sushi and veggies


  • Smoothies
  • Protein Shakes
  • Tea
  • Fruits
  • Veggies

Cheat meal

  • Pizza

This is all about Charlie Puth Diet Plan.

FAQ Regarding Charlie Puth

What happened to Charlie Puth’s eyebrow?

  • Charlie Puth is Troubled that fans were Shaving Their Eyebrows for him. By the way, Charlie got the scar on his eyebrow when a dog attacked him at age two, and he explained it on Twitter back in December. He also attached that his eyebrows are permanently like that, and he doesn’t shave them.

Why is Charlie Puth famous??

  • Charles Otto’Charlie Puth” is a famous American pop singer and songwriter. He began gaining fame by posting his original songs and covers to his youtube channel. After his talents were revealed to the world, he was signed in by Ellen Degeneres for a record label, which led to the start of his official career.

What is Charlie Puth’s vocal range?

  • Charlie Puth has a vocal range that varies from G2-C#5-B♭5.

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