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Brooke Ence Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Brooke Ence


Brooke Ence is a popular American who gained popularity as a fitness trainer/ coach and actress. She is even more popular as an Elite CrossFit athlete whose first taste of fame came in 2015 after she passed for the Reebok CrossFit Games, A feat she made has been to the regional competition only once before then.

Brooke Ence was born on 10 August 1989 in California, United States of America. She was promoted as the youngest of four siblings by her parents in California.

Brooke Ence Body Stats

The beautiful and sexy blonde does a whole number of hard work to maintain and keep her well-ripped body figure in shape and keeps a proper diet to help her stay healthy.

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight68 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Waist Size26 inches
Sexual OrientationStraight
Bra Size34 B
Hips Size37 inches
Body TypeBody Builder

Brooke Ence Workout Routine

This is a short workout routine that she recommends for people in her training program app i.e Naked Training App. Here we are provided a full Brooke Ence workout routine. Complete 3 rounds of three-move elbow grease. For the primary spherical, full twenty-one reps of every move, then fifteen reps for the second spherical and 9 reps for the third and final spherical.

Here are the exercises of Brooke Ence:

  • Ring rows
  • Dumbbell Thrusters
  • Burpees

For the ring lines, use TRX or sports rings. If you do not have entrance to either, you will be able to do a modification employing a durable table. Other than these here are some more exercises that Brook admires.

Push-ups (In a correct posture)

The correct push-up posture is the one that ultimately challenges your whole body part and finally works maximum on a targeted body part that you target for example if your target is the chest then it should work maximum on the chest likewise if your target is the triceps it should work maximum on triceps.

Whether you understand it or not this can bone a life-changing exercise for you and can also help you to correct your posture.

  • Place your hands on the ground a little more extended than your chest and should be in line together with your shoulders, and secondly, your feet must be close.
  • Now matched your core and keep your hips aligned and lower your body until your chest touches the ground and bring it back

Do 15 reps.

HIIT Intervals

HIIT stands for high-intensity period coaching. It is the most important form of training your body in this you have to perform greatest exercises within a short span of time and assume me if your goal is weight loss you should definitely give it a try.

This is all about Brooke Ence workout routine.

Brooke Ence Diet Plan

Typically, the trains are Monday through Saturday, Sometimes twice every day just about. Looking at the time of year she coaches for about four to 5 hours every day. As a way of diet, She follows her fat, protein, and carb intake, and that she keeps it terribly consistent, which is vital.

However, if she might tell anyone only one issue that they might do to help improve their coaching and diet or slenderize, she might tell them to limit intake out and to meal prep. Intake out is that the most harmful issue for you, even if it is the foremost fun.

If attainable, work with an organization like Trifecta Opens in New Window that sends them food, too that really makes meal prep even easier. This is all about the Brooke Ence diet plan.


Brooke Ence is a fitness coach currently working for the CrossFit organization. The beautiful and sexy blonde does a whole number of hard work to maintain and keep her well-ripped body figure in shape and keeps a proper diet to help her stay healthy.

She influences lots of people, as well as her diet plan, is also followed by people in order to have a perfect body shape like her. She did lots of hard workouts to gain this perfect body shape. Not only her workout but her balanced diet food also plays a role to keep her fit and increasing her strength.

So, Iw we could take just one thing from her, it would be this: Nothing is holding you back from what you want if you are willing to take action.

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