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Brock Lesnar Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Height, Weight & Body Measurement.

Brock Edward Lesnar “Brock Lesnar” is a well-known American-Canadian professional wrestler, former mixed martial artists, and professional football player. His birthday is July 12, 1977, and he was born in Webster, South Dakota, United States. However, he is best familiar with his time in UFC and WWE. He is the most powerful reigning WWE Universal Champion.

However, with four WWE World Championships, one UFC Heavyweight Title, and an NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Title to his name, “the Beast Incarnate” is one of the most severely celebrated athletes in wrestling history.

Brock Lesnar Body Measurements (Body Stats)

Age44 years
Height185 cm (6’1″) or 1.85 m
Weight130 kg or 286 lbs
Chest Size53 inches
Waist Size38 inches
Biceps21 inches
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde

Brock Lesnar Workout Routine

Having been growing in a rural area in South Dakota, Lesnar has learned the meaning of hard effort, mental endurance, and ability at an early age. As a young man, he conceived an unconventional training program to build agility and strength. With no exercise facilities in his native land, Lesnar wore tools from their dairy farm in Webster to shape his physique.

Once Lesnar began his career in wrestling and MMA. He noticed the importance of building cardiovascular fitness, and power, and stamina. His weekly exercise regimen now incorporates 4 days of exercises with 2 training periods each day.  However, the morning period is used for honing his wrestling/striking skills, while the evening sessions are restrained for lifting weights and sports-specific determining.

Brock Lesnar Excercise Plan

MMA Exercise

Before lifting weights, Lesnar begins each workout by doing the following:-

  • Wrestling or Grappling exercising: 5 to 10 min rounds
  • Ground & Pound Exercising or Striking: 5X5 min rounds; twice a week

Circuit Training

However, thirty seconds rest in the middle of the activities excepting the fifth round:-

  • First Round: Plyo box pushups, Spiderman pushups, mounted punching, pushing tire, hand switching
  • Second Round: Recline pull-ups, wide grip bodyweight pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, pulling/pushing tire, heavy bag twirl
  • Third Round: Airdyne excursion, incline treadmill, upper body ergometer machine work, wind sprint excursion, Airdyne biking
  • Fourth Round: Jammer machine exercise, sledgehammer swings with single-arm, med ball sprawls, bear crawling
  • Fifth Round (Intense training): Airdyne excursion, incline treadmill, upper body ergometer machine effort, wind sprint excursion, Airdyne excursion

Strength Training Exercise

Monday: Chest/Triceps:-

  • Medium-grip barbell bench pin (puts: 6, reps: 12)
  • Incline-bench dumbbell pin (puts: 4, reps: 10)
  • Flat bench dumbbell fly (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Cable crossover (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Triceps dips (puts: 4, reps: 10s)
  • Triceps pushdown (puts: 4, reps: 10)
  • Lying triceps addition (puts: 3, reps: 10)

Tuesday: Back/Biceps:-

  • Broad-grip, medium-grip, narrow-grip pull-ups (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Cable seated rows (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Barbell stiff-legged deadlift (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Deadlift (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Preacher crimp with EZ bar (puts: 4, reps: 12)
  • Hammer crimps (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Incline-bench dumbbell crimp (puts: 4, reps: 6)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Shoulders:-

  • Placed military pin (puts: 4, reps: 10)
  • Dumbbell seated pin (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Front dumbbell increase (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Lateral side increase (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Upright row using Smith Machine (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Barbell shrug (puts: 4, reps: 6)

Friday: Legs:-

  • Leg additions (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Leg crimps (puts: 3, reps: 10)
  • Smith machine squats with narrow-, medium-, and wide-stance (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Leg pin (puts: 4, reps: 6)
  • Barbell stiff-legged deadlift (puts: 4, reps: 6)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Brock Lesnar Diet Plan

Brock Lesnar began inserting to a healthy and well-balanced diet after being diagnosed with diverticulitis, a situation affected by inadequate consumption of fiber. To develop muscle and strength ability, he grips supplements holding whey protein, creatine, and multi-vitamins. After a rigorous training period, the WWE star normally has 30 grams of quality protein and a healthy source of carbs. However, this may support refilling the depleted levels of glycogen. He also swallows at least a gallon of water during the day but ignores having sugar, salt, and refined foods.

No wonder Brock Lesnar has had an eminent career in pro wrestling, UFC, and MMA. If you wish to build your strength and endurance as Brock Lesnar, then obey his exercising program and meal plan closely.

Game Meat

Aging up in South Dakota, Lesnar is no outsider to hunting. However, this means that he always favors eating game meat over store-bought meat. Similarly, this kind of food is from non-domesticated and free-range wild animals. Game meat can either be lawfully hunted or sold from a local firm.

Game meat is examined to be one of the wealthiest and healthiest meats to eat. However, it is low in fat and cholesterol because the animals are to move around freely and do not require to store as severe fat. Game meat also does not have any hormones. Or antibiotics which are generally established in grocery store meat.