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Brad Castleberry Workout And Diet Plan

Brad Castleberry

Bradly Castleberry is an ex-football player and professional bodybuilder. Brad was always a physically active child as a child. His first exposure to weight training occurred when he was 15 years old, and he has never stopped excelling at bodybuilding, sports, and weightlifting since then.

Bradly became famous for his incredible feats of strength after years of discipline in the gym and on the football field. He’s also caused quite a stir in the fitness world with his impressive weightlifting records, claiming to have squatted over 750 pounds.

Current Stats

NameBrad Castleberry
Height5 ft 10 inch
Age32 years
DedicationAt 20, he earned his Pro Card at the Muscle Mania show and has over 1 million Instagram followers.

Brad Castleberry’s Workout Routine

Brad is actively weight lifting and working out seven days a week to stimulate muscle growth, burn fat, and get stronger. Fitness is a massive part of his life, and you will almost always find him training or in the gym; he works out twice a day to maintain his gains.

He incorporates active recovery days into his workouts to allow his body to rest and will enable him to comfortably add more weight for future lifts and strengthen his physique. His social media accounts show him lifting, hiking with his kids, and going to the gym.

Brad Castleberry’s Diet Plan

Brad Castleberry understands the value of healthy eating but doesn’t overthink every meal he consumes. His favorite foods are steak and potatoes, eggs, peanut butter, and protein powder.

Brad eats to fuel his body and doesn’t go overboard with eating healthy; instead, he eats at the same time every day and chooses intelligent options that will energize him. He eats six meals a day and enjoys cheat meals on occasion to replenish his body after strenuous workouts. His social media is full of food photos, making the Brad Castleberry diet simple to follow.


Brad Castleberry

Brad’s upbeat attitude, muscle gains, and sports dedication have earned him a sizable online following. The pro bodybuilder works hard to achieve his fitness goals, and despite the controversy, there’s no denying Brad Castleberry is a powerful man. Brad Castleberry enjoys sharing his gym life routine with his followers, which includes everything from eating well-balanced foods to competing in bodybuilding competitions. He’s always wanted to break world weightlifting records; do you think it’ll happen?