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BlackPink Jisoo Workout Routine & Diet Plan

How to Get in Shape Like Black Pink Jisoo

Jisoo is a Korean singer and part of the Kpop group BlackPink, all of whom are well-known across the globe. Jisoo has also been on the top pages of fashion publications such as Vogue and others. She is also known for having a slim, attractive body.

Jisoo Body Measurements

Height5 ft 2 inches
Weight45 kg
Age27 yrs
Breast32 inches
Waist24 inches

Jisoo Workout Routine

How to Get in Shape Like Black Pink Jisoo

Jisoo’s workout routine may surprise you; it may not be the approach you’re considering. Jisoo and the other members of BlackPink like being active and healthy. However, they approach fitness differently from everyday routines like boxing, pilates, gym, etc. According to Channel Korea, Jisoo and other members of BlackPink were interviewed by YG Moonlight Flagship about their training routines and diet regimen. Jisoo mentioned that she works out by practicing dance practice and flying yoga with Jennie.

Jisoo’s fitness program includes the following:

Dance Class

All BlackPink members engage in a regular dancing practice, which is a terrific cardio exercise and aids their overall health. Each dance rehearsal session may last two to three hours; occasionally, they rehearse for half a day, particularly before the concerts. All that dancing burns many calories for each member, keeping them from becoming fat and gaining weight.

Flying Yoga

She mentioned in 2017 that she is performing flying yoga with Jennie; flying yoga is similar to yoga, but most positions are done in the air. It seems to be another kind of dancing, but it is a yoga fitness practice. Flying yoga helps both retain their body form, flexibility, and muscular relaxation. However, I’m unsure whether Jisoo is still performing this activity since I couldn’t locate any fresh photos of her practicing yoga.

Jisoo Diet Plan

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Jisoo’s diet plan is just like everyone else’s. Jisoo doesn’t eat any particular foods. Most of the time, everyone in the group orders food from the restaurant and eats what they want. But Jisoo only eats small amounts because it’s easy for her to gain weight. Jisoo eats three meals daily, plus a supper, also known as an evening snack before dinner.

Jisoo probably eats berries, apples, or any other fruit she has in the evening. Even when she doesn’t have dance practice in the morning, all she eats for breakfast is an apple. This diet isn’t healthy because when you work so much, you need to eat a lot, so I wouldn’t suggest you eat the same way.

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