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Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs 2023

Best yoga teacher

When a teacher gives their knowledge to others, they also revise, remember and practice that knowledge every time they teach it to someone. Similarly, talking about ‘Yoga Teacher Training” should not certainly have to be only about getting a yoga teacher certification or teaching yoga.

Being a yoga teacher is one of the greatest ways to make oneself sure that we stay disciplined, follow yogic methods and do yoga regularly. A yoga instructor cannot explain the proper yoga techniques without being a true yogic him/herself.

Additionally, one can learn also more techniques of yoga as YTT offers in-depth knowledge, in contrast to normal yoga classes.

Course Of Yoga Teacher Training

It is incredible if you are thinking of enrolling yourself for a yoga TTC. However, there are so numerous of them today, which would likely get you confused. Here is the list of the best yoga teacher training programs.

Yoga Works

  • Programs and Span: 200 Hrs, 300 Hrs Advanced
  • Style: Vinyasa
  • Location: Montana Avenue, South California
  • Website:

With the foremost motto “The focus is not just dynamic postures, but philosophy, meditation, and breathing techniques”. This yoga school shows all the knowledge needed in a yoga teacher training program. As this yoga school is associated with ancient yogic tradition, it gives knowledge of Yoga to all genres and ages of people.

Himalayan Institution

  • Programs: 200 Hrs YTT, 500 Hrs YTT, Ayurvedic Yoga Expert
  • Duration: 200-500 Hours
  • Style: No Particular Style
  • Location: Honesdale, USA
  • Website:

This institution attempts to inspire, educate, and empower all who seek to experience their full potential. Furthermore, by training all the different yoga teachers, this organization also aims to put its pupil’s focus on the humanitarian act, missionary programs, including excursions.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and Ashrams

Programs: TTC, Advance TTC

Duration: 200 Hrs/4 Weeks

Style: Classical/ Traditional Yoga

Location: Kerala, India


If you are seeking to learn yoga in the land of the organization of yoga itself, choosing this institution will be the most suitable decision. Here, yoga is taught in a traditional way like the times of gurukul.

Furthermore, this institution was built by Swami Sivananda whose life was a radiant example of service to humanity, both during his years as a doctor and later as a world-renowned scientist and jivanmukta. Therefore, learning in this institution concentrates on teaching yoga in its raw form so the pupil can learn the real essence of yoga.

One Breathe Yoga

  • Programs and duration: 200 Hours
  • Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Location: Puerto Morelos, Q.R, Mexico
  • Website:

Focusing on pranayama and teh Astanga yoga, this institution serves its pupils to gain a peaceful nature of mind while doing many strenuous postures. This institution gives a permanent Ashtanga Mysore Program, as well a plants medicines, Temazcal, and many other restorative therapies in order to help people in their process of transformation and self-realization.

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

  • Programs and Duration: 200Hrs, 300 Hrs, 1000 Hrs
  • Style: Multiple
  • Location: West Stock Bridge, US
  • Website:

Embracing the ancient yogic culture and delivering a beautiful education even on Ayurveda, this yoga core provides a full package of training about the classic art of yoga. This Yoga club has six aspects of teaching and those are Yoga and Ayurveda, self-discovery, health fitness and wellness, nature connection, spiritual practice and meditation, and imaginative expression.

Oil Yoga

  • Programs and Duration: 200 hours
  • Style: Vinyasa yoga, Hatha Yoga
  • Location: Bali, Goa, Paris
  • Website:

The Yoga instructors in this institution center on imparting the basics of Hatha and Vinyasa styles of Yoga to their students. From the fundamental asanas to complex asanas, requiring your strength, focus, and concentration are taught in this institution.

Furthermore, a beautiful combination of Hatha and vinyasa yoga is taught here, so if you are looking ahead to gaining deep insight into these yogic practices, this institution is ideal for you.

Y7 Studios

Duration: 200 hours

Style: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin

Location: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago

Website: y7- the studio. com

Yoga is a wonderful ancient technique: however, doing yoga in a contemporary style could attract many youths. This policy is completed by the Y7 yoga institution and it mainly focuses on losing weight.

The teachers in the studio follow a tribe and they call it to sweat, so to all those wannabe yoga teachers who want to teach yoga in a new style focusing mainly on weight loss and doing various postures, this yoga institution is designed definitely for you.


Picking the right program for you will make a difference. It is important to learn essential techniques at yoga teacher training that best suits you. Choosing the proper type of yoga and the things you want to learn is something only you can decide. Nevertheless, the list above is here to help you in the process of making the final decision.

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