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Best Yoga Studio In Canada To learn Yoga 2023

Yoga Centers In Canada

Whether you are seeing for an ‘Ashtanga’ session, some Hot yoga, or rather a restorative Yin break, there’s no lack of yoga centers in and around the city. Here is the list of the best five yoga studios in Toronto that are unquestionably worth checking out.

Top Yoga Centers In Canada

Learning yoga should never be negotiated. Thus to help you find a good place to study in Canada, here is the list of top yoga centers in Canada.



First founded in Vancouver, this yoga studio is full of bright light that gives a sense of an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Now YYoga has five studios at unusual places in Vancouver, where they teach 24 styles of yoga and leads over 900 classes a week.

The variety of classes covers from hot and power to flow yoga for and Yin, Well, they also have therapeutic options when you need something gentler. Further, the studio also has circuit training, cycling, and meditation groups.

Moksha Yoga Uptown


Moksha Yoga is a large family with a population of over 70 studios worldwide among which four of them are in Vancouver. The studio offers many courses- Modo, Fusion, Power flow, Modo Yin, Karma, including Modo live music. It combines hot yoga and community while allowing different classes for all skill levels. Each of their rooms consolidates therapeutic and traditional yoga attitudes in a 35% humidity-heated room.

Each week, Modo Yoga studios feel donation-based classes to raise funds for many local and international not-for-profit organizations. To date, they have amassed over 3.2 million dollars thanks to their karma classes.

Halifax Yoga


Halifax Yoga is the only studio in Eastern Canada according to Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga has grown big and famous in just eight years. It allows more than 40 yoga classes each week and 200-hour teacher training.

Halifax Yoga classes are identified for their versatility- Baptiste Inspired Hot, Mardocs Yoga, Baptiste Inspired Flow, Aroma Flow, Aroma Restorative, Hot Power, Flow, Soulful Flow, Yin, renew and restore, Rock Steady, and the list goes on. For newcomers, Halifax has well-created 6 weeks intro to yoga classes. They also have limited Momand Baby-parental yoga classes.

Iyashi Bedrock Spa


Iyashi Bedrock Spa gives a relaxing, rejuvenating, and detoxifying yoga feeling. It has been listed as the top 5 unique spa practices in the world.

Their Yin yoga classes on a hot bedrock that’s warmed to 44C give a next-level yoga experience. Their main center rotates around weight loss, sickness prevention, and reduced anxiety, anti-aging, and improved sleep. The place might not be a combined soul type of yoga destination but will sweat out all your stress while keeping you fit and supple.

Downward Dog Yoga Centre

Downward Dog Yoga Centre
Downward Dog Yoga Centre

Since 1997, this yoga center has been focused on the systems of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, From the time you walk into the door to the room full of natural light and Buddha figurines, you get that Yoga in India believes. The owner of the studio Diane Bruni and Ron Ried have over 20 years of yoga practice.

They have a well-designed fundamentals form if you are new. For a more experienced yogi, you can choose one of their upper-level vinyasa sessions, They have Yin Yig and therapeutic yoga as well. Downward Dog Yoga Centre’s great class Mysore is a self-practice that focuses on your own breath and movement. Best known for their strong classes and dynamic instructors, these yogis stop tries teacher training as well.


Despite the list, different people have various requirements and interests. Even the best yoga studios above might not be the things you are looking for. Hence, take some time, explore various places and when you find your preferred place, the place where you like and would increase your personal growth, stick to it.