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Best Yoga Retreats In India Including Details And Course Packages 2023

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Yoga has long been recognized for its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Ensuing, spiritual tourism or yoga tourism is quickly growing all over the world. As a result, people are loving the idea of trips to sites and resorts dedicated to yoga and meditation.

Thus, from an enthusiast to someone having even limited knowledge of yoga known its place of origination. Yes, India, being the country of yoga has been the go-to place to learn, practice, and experience ancient wisdom. Hence, we can find fascinating of the best yoga retreats in India today.

Best Yoga Retreats In India

Either you are an accomplished yogi or someone who is just interested to do yoga, visiting a yoga retreat can be a great experience for you. Here are the most reliable affordable yoga flights in India for you to have the best spiritual experience.



Since opening in April of 2016, Atmantan Wellness Resort is now causing a stir. It’s been dipping up many international awards and has quickly risen to be one of the best yoga retreats in India, even struggling with the likes of Ananda in the Himalayas named after Atma, mana, and Tann, Atmantan is an extravagance wellness destination in Mulshi, near Pune and Mumbai where individuals come for rejuvenation, relaxation, Detox, fitness and even to entertain in a pampering spa holiday.

Their ‘Journey Through Yoga’ retreats accepts regular Ayurvedic principles, including an array of prescribed treatments that will have you diving deeper into the rituals of yoga as you feel its many lifestyle benefits. They also give private yoga sessions for an exclusive and personalized experience. The yoga outlet integrates traditional Indian healing practices with international therapies and modern fitness techniques.

Ones looking at deepening their contemporary practices of yoga or even looking at starting anew on the inspiring path of yoga, then Journey Through Yoga or even seeming at rising anew on the inspiring path of yoga, then ‘Journey Through Yoga’ retreat at Atmantan will present you with guidance towards imbibing the principles of Yoga as you experience its wonderful lifestyle.

Packages and Duration

  • Journey Through Yoga: Starts from 3 Nights
  • Atmantan Living: Starts from 3 Nights
  • Spa life: Start from 3 Nights
  • Master Cleanse: Starts from 3 Night
  • Weight Balance: Starts from 5 Nights
  • Ayurveda Panchakarma: Starts fromĀ  5 Nights
  • Holistic Health: Starts from 5 Night
  • Radiance Ritual: Starts from 5 Night
  • Fitness Challenge: Starts from 5 Nights
  • Restorative Physiotherapy: Starts from 5 nights
  • Yuva Edition: Strats from 5 Nights

Purple Valley Yoga Retreat -Goa

Purple Valley Yoga Retreat -Goa
Purple Valley Yoga Retreat -Goa

A popular and one of the greatest yoga retreats in India, Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat is a tranquil haven situated in Goa. It is snuggled in verdant greenery beside the Anjuna Beach and in the Assangao Valley, giving comfortable accommodations and ambiance. The place gives you a genuine and authentic yoga event that a yoga retreat should have.

The yoga halls are simple also tranquil: The gardens are lush and loaded with heady evening scents. The beach has earth as pale as sugar and the water is crystal clear. The accommodations range from easy and beautiful cottages to luxurious houses. The meals are fresh, tasty, and vegetarian and are served at communal tables on the bamboo shaded terraces.

Privacy is of supreme importance and there are plenty of secret spaces to just enjoy the peace. It pleases those who desire the silence and tranquility of a serious yoga retreat but who also prefer the reassurance of consistent proximity to reality. And for complete beginners, it is also the ideal way to kick start your practice and join the Ashtanga cult.

Package And Duration

Ashtanga Yoga: 1-2 weeks

Chaya Yoga Retreats – Goa

Chaya Yoga Retreats - Goa
Chaya Yoga Retreats – Goa

Chaya Yoga retreat is the most competent yoga for Yogis of any level regarding relaxing with brilliant yoga teachers and a lovely beach nearby. though, it is not for those after five-star glitz or an expensive resort. ‘Chaya’ meaning in Sanskrit ‘beauty’, ‘Lustre’ including ‘protection’. In Hebrew, Chaya determines life or to live. the founders feel that this perfectly describes what they wish to create through their retreats. The probability of seeing and feeling the beauty of life anew.

The yoga retreat offers excellent yoga holidays with unforgettable healthy cuisine in a hidden oasis 10 minutes from Ashvem for each retreat, related to something that’s risen in her personal practice. She curates every going, with nourishing plant-based feats, inspiring workshops, and healing treatments included in the price.

Your base is Kaju Varo, an Award-winning eco-hotel in north Goa with luxuriant gardens and plentiful trees-a far cry from India’s bustle. A five-minute stroll from Ashvem beach, Kaju Varo is a lush oasis, with stylish, minimalist agreement around a pool and courtyard.


The list of best retreats in India was built by going through various websites. Having said that, no list of yoga habitats from around the world be complete without a trip to India.