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Best Videos Of Yoga On Youtube Channels To Get Started.


Do you want to stay fit, focused, calm, and good but don’t know how to? If so learning Yoga is surely a great choice you can make for yourself. So, if you need to learn Yoga online but don’t enough supplies or time, no need to worry. There are lots of free yoga videos on youtube to get started. in fact, Youtube offers countless videos to study yoga online right from the basics to the advanced level. However, having many options can get confusing sometimes. Thus, here are some of my recommendations to get you begun.

Top Free Yoga Videos On Youtube

Yoga For Happiness by Psyche Truth

  • Duration: 19 mins

Yoga by Psyche Truth is a lovely journey with soothing music in the background. Music adds a feeling of excitement to each and every activity. This calming music will ease you in your yoga journey. This video-assisted 3.62 M Subscribers to exhale out anxiety and stress and rebuild a happy and healthy life. Sanela the tutor will introduce you to be a beautiful 20-minute journey. Trust me, you will feel like it moves in a fraction of a second.

Sun Salutation Flow For Beginners by Yogi

  • Duration: 13 mins

There are various yoga videos on Youtube on tutorials for Sun Salutations sequences. Although there are many excellent ones out there, this is a video that could not be discarded from our list. The video has a more concise time duration and it’s new.

The Surya Namaskar is the foundation of Vinyasa courses. This video will lead you to step by step on the practice of Sun Salutation which can be practiced anywhere.

The teacher Ashton august will guide you through a short and sweet sun salutation flow geared specifically towards beginner yoga students. You will come off feeling more confident in your poses and yoga practices as a whole. The sun salutation is completely done in the morning, However, learning, and functioning it during the day would not do any harm though.

15 Minute Total Body Vinyasa Flow By Yoga By Candace

  • Duration: 15 mins

If you are attending for more technical instructions and help to nail the right physical alignment of each pose, you will love the yoga instructor Candace Moore. There is a striking severity about each other of her videos. Moore has a compact style that is perfect if you are pressed for time or looking to get straight to the point.

She also has a notably soothing voice that instantly puts everyone at ease. Her efficiency is also considered in her homepage, which breaks down classes by every potential organizational meter: Time of day, body part focus, length, etc.

10-Minute Morning Yoga For Beginners by Sarah Beth Yoga

  • Duration: 10 mins

Starting up with long and never-ending yoga tutorials can be frustrating for newcomers. If you are seeing for a short and basic yoga video to start up, the online Yoga videos on Youtube by Sarah Beth is the one for you whereas It is a 10 minute morning yoga video for newcomers.

Expanding up the body with Sarah has been the favorite reason to wake up in the morning for 870K subscribers. This video will gently precede you to the world of yoga with a complete body movement asana. The modern-day yoga channel by Sarah gives free tutorial videos to get you started and help you stay happy, healthy, and strong.

Yoga For Complete Beginners by Yoga with Adriene

  • Duration: 24 mins

This yoga video allows a complete journey for a full-body workout. Yoga with Adriene has managed the Youtube Yoga world with millions of subscribers. Adriene will lead you through every single asana with the correct sequence and breathing techniques and stress on the areas that might go incorrect.

The permanent laugh on her face while doing yoga is the best motivation for beginners. This video is the correct click for you to build your foundation and excel in the yoga world.


There are some essential disciplines to follow when practicing yoga. Such as it is constantly advised to have an empty stomach and warm up the body properly before beginning yoga sessions. One switches unusual health conditions should consult their physician or an experienced yoga teacher before making the move.

The goal of practicing yoga is one of the best gifts you can gift yourself. The purpose of practicing yoga poses is to ultimately prepare our body and mind for a deeper experience during meditation or do ‘Yoga Nindra’ after every yoga session.