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Best Ultralight Travel Yoga Mats 2023


Our loads over our arms are usually the main reason we cannot experience or have our travel as we envision. Furthermore, there’s one more highly necessary accessory that should be attached to the list to carry for someone who does yoga. Clearly, it is ‘The Yoga Mat’! For a regular yogi, a yoga mat is something that should be carried with them anywhere they go.

Furthermore, heavy baggage is already a burden for most but for a traveling yogi and a heavy Yoga Mat makes it more immoral. In fact, it is frequently one of the main reasons why they don’t carry the yoga mat and finally split the daily routine of morning yoga we have committed to do. Hence, to encourage the yogis even more and make their travel more prosperous, we have a list of the best lightweight yoga mats.

Best Ultralight Travel Yoga mats

Here are the lists of yoga mats that are lightweight, particularly for ones who travel.

1) Yogu Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

Yogu Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat
Yogu Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

At first look, the YOGO looks more like a yoga sheet to me than a yoga mat. Possibly, in order to be more portable, that’s how trip yoga mats should be. The extremely portable yoga mats take up a beautiful small amount of area in your bag that includes a cute little strap with the buckle created to work as a handle. Hence, the YOGO solves the difficulty of probability, convenience, and sustainability along with being simple, long-lasting, and made from high-quality and sustainable matter.

The Ultralight yoga mat uses a minimalists closing design to bring convenience and cleanliness to your practice. Plus, the mat has a good number of fiction-making it a good non-slippery as well.

2) YogiOnTheGo


YogiOnTheGo by Clever Yoga is a lightweight, folding mat that delivers great stability and traction which changes when wet. Unlike most, this journey yoga Mat is meant for an intense or heated style of yoga. Not making your busy lifestyle get in the way of your zen time as studying yoga daily gets harder when traveling. YogiOnTheGo offers the perfect blend of packability and sweat-wicking achievement so you can stay centered wherever you are.

Clever Yoga Products are created by Yogis and who tests every result distributing it to the world to ensure it can handle the wear and tear that occurs from vigorous daily practice. Also, to keep it good and clean always, they have made it Machine Washable too.

3) Zura


Nevermore travel without your yoga mat again. With Zura’s ultralight Travel Yoga Mat, you can go everywhere with it. As most yoga mats are either light but too thin or thick but too heavy, this yoga Mat is impeccable due to its balance of lightweight along with the wanted thickness, the mat is amazingly 1.4 Ibs with a thickness of 5 mm, Which, as a result, does not let nor your shoulders or your knees to have any efforts.

Also, the lightweight Yog Mat is comfortable and functional, with reversible sides, pilates. Also, free of harmful PVC, phthalates, silicone, and latex, and other toxic materials and made from 100% recyclable, biodegradable TPE material makes it an appealing for nature lover which most Yogis are.

4) IUGA Pro


Iuga Pro is an ultralight and strong mat with no flaking, stretching, or falling apart. the yoga mat has a mental difference by having an optimal combination of cushioning and stability. It has the right thickness to complete all the poses you want without allowing your knees to have no ache nor letting you have balancing problems. Nonetheless, the best part about this mat is, ‘ No mores slipping’!

Furthermore, unlike most natural rubber and PVC mats, this mat gives no rubber smell while you take it out of the package. The manufacturer also requires that the antibacterial material naturally reduces germs and bacteria to keep odors at bay so your mat stays as fresh as the day you bought it.


We cannot endure or enjoy our travels as we envision. So, a yoga mat is highly necessary who do yoga, it can also be taken with them wherever they go. The yoga mat also provides you sanitary support and assures easy cleaning to practice yoga.