8 Best Tips On Getting More Flexible

Being elastic is not just for yogis and gymnasts. It’s not just about being able to do splits or curl yourself into a pretzel, either. Being flexible is helpful to your muscles and ligaments, and it’s an excellent way to bring your body to loose and pain-free. Stretching can also help to alleviate muscle cramps, and frankly, it just feels amazing to be flexible and in control of your body. Being versatile is also helpful for avoiding injury and can prevent back pain. Essentially, there are no disadvantages of being versatile, only advantages. So here are a few tips on how to be more versatile.


Too many people underestimate the value of warming up before they do their stretches. But stretching without a warm-up could do more harm than good. Your muscles need to be warm to stretch and become more flexible. You might be more flexible than you realize, and warming up will show you the degree to which your body is actually flexible.

Taking things a day at a time

It will take time to become more versatile, and you can’t really hurry it. Your body needs the time to get used to something it wasn’t used to before. So stretch a little every day, just a few minutes per muscle category, but don’t try to break in a day or even a week. You could injure yourself, and it’s only going to slow you down.

Stretch all over

Too many people only choose one part of their body, for example, they want to be able to bend in half completely, or just do the splits. But all your muscles are linked, in fact, everything in your body is interconnected, so you should stretch your whole body and work to become more flexible in general.

Remember to Breathe

A lot of people like to hold their breath when doing stretching, but that only causes them to get nervous. In order to become versatile, you need to relax and breathing will actually help. Remember to breathe in right before the stretch and breathe out while you try to get deeper into the stretch. Repeat 3 to 5 times with each stretch.

Do not feel pain

The saying “no pain – no benefit” does not really apply when it comes to enhancing one’s versatility. The target is maybe to hit the stage of light discomfort and breathe through it for a few seconds and try to relax in it, but it should never be painful. Pain means that you’re going too fast and that can only lead to injury.

Give time to yourself

We’re all different, and it’s going to take you a different amount of time to achieve your goals. Some people are just simply more versatile, and others aren’t, and that’s okay. There’s no need to hurry around. Your versatility depends mostly on genetics, and your friend may be able to do the splits in a month, while it might take you a year, but that’s okay.

Begin the Easy one.

Find a few easy stretches that you like the most and strive to do it every day. Don’t go for anything complicated right away. There are plenty of online beginner yoga and beginner stretching courses that are completely free. It’s not rocket science, actually.

Stretching is a lot more involved than you thought.
Becoming flexible is not about sitting in crazy stretch poses for hours, it’s about gentle movements that will help your body relax and stretch. But instead of only trying out different stretching positions, try to shift and sway them, this is a healthier way to stretch than to be static.