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Best Medical Research On Yoga And Its Benefits 2023

Medical research on yoga

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been seeking ways to relieve their pain, get physically fit, and find peace. For which, various techniques have been developed in many cultures of the world, and yoga stands out amongst them all. Hence, there have been various applications and also scientific medical research on yoga and its benefits to health.

From simple limb rotation to complex and strenuous poses, yoga has been a perfect combination of physical fleixbility and balance of the mind. Moreover, this particular system developed by ancient sages has been a subject of great concern even among scientists. No phenomenon that many types of research on yoga have been done to find out the actual science behind the method of uplifting human health.

List Of Best Medical Research On Yoga

So, here are a few of these fascinating and excellent research that have beautifully proven the benefits of yoga on the health of people all across the earth.

Effectiveness Of Yoga On Eating Disorders

A case of 38 years female was shown in this research who was suffering from various psychosomatic-psychiatric diseases (Including anorexia Nervosa). Sadly, she has also had a history of physical abuse in childhood, plus diuretics and thyroid hormone damage. Since 2003, she had been accepted for a few weeks and discharged multiple times.

However, once the yoga class was initiated in the very hospital where she was taken, and she went for those classes daily. Amazingly, she began caring for her body and later replied that his head found the association with her soul and felt lighter and happier with himself than ever before.

Modern Postural Yoga as a Mental Health Promoting Tool

This study was a compilation of research gathered from 14 surveys that analyzed the effects of yoga on body posture and mental health. Most of the investigations revealed that after people practiced to do yoga, they gained more calm and peace. Moreover, satisfaction with life, self-compassion, and empathy were the analytical benefits seen from practicing yoga.

Yoga Research Review

This article is a review of research that had been done about yoga for the ultimate couple of years. Randomized control trials, meta-analyses, and regular reviews had been taken into consideration in this article. Truly speaking, this article still puts a question mark on the effectiveness of yoga practice in clinical medicine and says that more studies need to be done.

However, it is also clearly specified that as yoga is a cost-effective method to balance one’s body, it can be widely applied for the benefit of every person.

Association Of yoga Practice, Health Status, and Health Behavior Among Yoga Practitioners In Germany

This study did a cross-sectional online survey done in Germany, but not restricted only to the Germans, It is no wonder that yoga practitioners have a healthy lifestyle but the good thing about yoga, shown by the research, is that yoga practitioners did not only have a suitable physique. Also, they were very smart mentally and gave a description of having markable progress in most of the days.

Among all the yoga followed around the globe, in this study, people followed one of the three yogas: Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha yoga, and Sivananda yoga. However, the study shows that the practitioners had been practicing yoga for about ten years.

Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Of Yoga In The Treatment Of Eating Disorders

This study was a pilot project in which the comparison was made among the groups of people receiving outpatient care and the other group receiving yoga therapy and outpatient care. The survey was carried out on 50 girls and four boys who had some form of anorexia nervosa, Bulimia, and other eating disorders.

The results were fascinating those who had received the yoga classes improved their eating habits towards the ned, Switching on to a healthier diet with fruits. However, the other organization with only outpatient care improved their eating habits in the beginning and after handling demotivation switched to their original feeding pattern.


Furthermore, yoga was and still is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods that could transform anyone’s life for sure, and these studies show the same with no doubt. So, if you are reading this article and have qualms about your health issues, then you start doing yoga because few rounds of stretching postures and breathing patterns are always better than a chemical dose of expensive medication.