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Ben Greenfield Workout routine And Diet Plan

Ben Greenfield was born in 1981. Ben Greenfield is a human performance consultant, author of New York Times bestselling,17 books, and a speaker. Ben is an advisor, investor, as well as a  board member of multiple corporations in the health and fitness industry. He is also the founder of KION.

Body Stats

height6 feet 3 inches
weight85 kg
chest42 inch
hip35 inch
waist32 inches
biceps size16 inch

Ben Greenfield Workout Routine

America’s Top Personal Trainer called him one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness. He has done Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Idaho in sports science and exercise physiology so we can analyze that he daily has sufficient exercise.

He had achieved Advanced bicycle fitting certification from Serotta, the “Harvard” of bicycle fitting schools. By this course, he has maintained himself a lot in fitness.


He stretches. He does athletes and sports. He goes to the gym and creates a completely laterally focused workout for arms, legs, and core. He mixed his exercise with high-intensity short running intervals.


He does core foundation training which includes decompression breathing and a few yoga moves. Trampoline rebounding with breath-hold and nasal breathing practice for 3 mins, Ten times handstand walk to the wall, ten times handstand pop-ups, handstand side to the sidewalk


He does upper body push, upper body pull, lower body push for four round. Tennis lesson for one hour, one-hour easy walk with deep nasal box breathing and a breath-hold for max time every 5 minutes. 6 rounds of swings, sledgehammer, chainsaw

Weekend Workout

He chooses an adventure on the weekend, for instance, Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, road cycling, mountain biking, etc.

Ben Greenfield Diet plan

He takes natural trans fats, which are very good for the body. Ruminant trans fats are naturally occurring fatty acids that are synthesized via bacterial metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids in animals and found in beef, lamb, dairy, etc.

He adds nutrition and protein to his food. He has regular intermittent fasts or longer fasting periods. He sometimes adds adequate calories and carbohydrates to his food.

He used to choose the former food in between real food and packaged food. He always prefers clean, organic,non-GMO, or healthy foods. He takes a variety of multi-colored plants, herbs, and spices.


Ben Greenfield is an interesting person. He is very much committed to fitness. For him, a healthy and fit body is very essential in life. He has a lot of concern regarding nutrition, proteins carbohydrates, and natural trans fat.