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Belal Muhammad Workout Routine & Diet Plan 2023

Belal Muhammad Workout

Belal Muhammad was born on 9th July 1988 in Chicago, the United States is a Palestinian- American mixed martial arts fighter. Belal Muhammad wrestled in excessive faculty and was certified by the College of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Muhammad is a Muslim. Belal Muhammad’s parents are named Mahmuda Khanom and Moulavi Muhammad Yaqub. Here is Belal Muhammad Workout Routine & Diet Plan.

Keeping the record of 18 wins, he has ranked 13 in the UFC ranking 2020. Talk about staying at the top of the game. However, Belal has the appetite to be number one. Belal also gets recognized as Remember The Name by his fans Belal’s fighting style and the secret behind his wins lie in his training.

Belal Muhammad Body Stats

Height5 ft 11 inches
Weight77 kg
Chest43 inches
Waist32 inches
Biceps15 inches

Belal Muhammad Workout Routine

Belal has been a member of this MMA professional fight since 2012, and since then, he has confirmed his fitness and skills. There are groups of fighters that come and go, but only a few that stay. Belal is one of the characters that remain, and that’s why you see him training and grinding hard every day in his life.

Belal focuses a lot on MMA training and workouts that are compared to fighting. He does appear to have some weight lifting workouts that involve, but mostly Belal keeps the exercises based on MMA.  That is why he is so original when he fights; after seeing his videos. Follow the routine to get nearby to Belal’s body shape and fitness.

We will begin by workout for five days, and every day the training will get divided into two parts. There will be a daily routine that focuses on MMA training and an evening routine that concentrates on other stuff. His workout includes:

Morning Routine

The morning routine will be MMA, as that’s when a person has the maximum energy. So without any worry, feel free to spend all of your power there. It does not fall beneath my expertise, but you should seek an MMA gym and train there.

Once you finish your MMA training, go on your core muscles for 30 minutes. It will help you take a lot of punches and body kicks while you fight. Even if you are not fighting, guarantee that you train the core as it’s the human body’s foundation.

Evening Routine

The evening routine will include weight training workouts so that we will focus on making your body healthier. Combine the exercises and make sure you do at least two to three training for each body part. One day a week, we will concentrate on doing overall strength-based workouts. Such exercises like rope climbing, battle rope, sled drag, weight lifting, deadlifts, snatch, etc will get achieved that day.

Belal Muhammad Diet plan

The diet plan of  Belal is clean and healthy. Belal does like to eat unhealthy food sometimes, but that occurs rarely, and if he has a fight coming. Belal will start concentrating on eating clean at least two months before the fighting season. Even though there is no exact diet of Belal Muhammad.


  • Avocado toast
  • Chicken sausage or turkey bacon
  • Egg omelet
  • Juice


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken or turkey breast
  • Rice
  • Kale and asparagus
  • Brown rice

Evening Snacks

  • Fruit salad


  • Salmon or steak
  • Rice or sweet potato
  • Veggies
  • Salad

This is all about the diet plan of Belal Muhammad.


Belal Muhammad is an MMA fighter fighting in the UFC Welterweight division at this time also known for his incredible body shape. He does a lot of workouts which help him to be fit. His diet also includes lots of healthy food which is one of the reasons behind his marvelous body shape.

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