Aubrey Marcus Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Aubrey Marcus is an unconventional fitness addict, investigator, and biohacker. Marcus is the CEO of Onnit.  It is one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Onnit is the optimal human performance company that Marcus has built. Aubrey’s real name is Aubrey Michael Marcus. He was born in Santa, Monica California in1981. Currently, Marcus is 40 years old.

Aubrey Marcus Body stats

Height185 cm
Weight191 lbs
Biceps Measurement16 Inches

Aubrey Marcus Diet plan

Aubrey Marcus sticks to a keto diet but frequently does slow-carb backloading in the evening. He eats organic low-carb veggies and grass-fed beef. He generally avoids processed, refined foods and sugar fitness. He occasionally engages in intermittent fasting eating all his meals in about an 8- hour window that starts in noontime.

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Marcus firstly hydrates himself just after waking up. he mixed twelve ounces of room temperature spring water with a dash of Himalayan salt, and some lemon and crush it to rehydrate from the water that he lost overnight.

Marcus takes bone broth and avocado or a smoothie as his breakfasts. On the weekends he likes to make bacon and eggs with some greens veggie with his fiancee.

Marcus likes to eat

1. low-carb vegetables

2. Fatty fish

3. Grass-fed beef

4. Avocado

5. olive oil

Marcus avoids soft drinks, pasta, alcohol, flour, cereal, pasta, and refined foods. He also drinks 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bedtime.

Supplements For Fitness

He takes different essential supplements daily. He takes probiotics to improve brain function, immune function, and reduction of inflammation. He also intakes omega-3S. He also likes to drink fat blended caffeine at 10.30 am

Marcus Workout Plan

Marcus doesn’t spend hours at the gym.  He changes his workout routine based on his fitness goals. He does a high-intensity routine that works his whole body for 20 minutes maximum.

Marcus doesn’t follow the exact workout routine but his two favorite pieces of equipment are the kettlebell and the mace.

Aubrey Marcus Core Workout

Marcus uses unconventional fitness equipment, such as the Death Star slam ball to rebel to the core workout.

Aubrey Marcus Tabata Routine

Marcus uses the Tabata structure of 8 rounds/exercise at a rate of 20 secs work/ 10 secs rest. He takes a Maximum of 2 minutes of rest between exercises.

Kettlebell Workout

Marcus performs kettlebell swing, Kettlebell halo, and kettlebell thruster on weakly basis for his fitness.

Mace workout

Marcus does Mace paddle swing, Mace switches squat, and Mace 10 and 2 workouts to be fit.

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He is an actor. He is currently hosting the Aubrey Marcus podcast. He also launches the first successful product named the alpha brain. He is interested in the gym and workouts. He is the founder of Onnit gym. It is a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy. He is now motivated to the youth to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. He has his own youtube channel where he shared his diet and workout routine.