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Ashley Benson Workout Routine & Diet Planb 2023

Ashley Victoria Benson is an outstanding American actress and model born on 19 December 1989. She is later 31 years of age as she is famous for her role as Hanna Marin in the teenager secret dramatization TV series Pretty Little Liars.

Ashley signed a modeling agreement with Ford Models and further showed up in various print ads at 8 years of age. She is closest partners with co-star Shay Mitchell with whom she featured in the Pretty Little Liars Series.

Ashley Benson is always in good shape. She has been focusing on her fitness regimen. Her flexibility and endurance are the results of her strenuous regular workout. Find out Ashley Benson’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Ashley Benson Body Stats

Weight55 kg
Bra Size34 B
Waist28 inches
Hips36 inches
Dress Size6 US
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGrey

Ashley Benson Workout Routine

What is Ashley Benson’s Workout Routine? Ashley is a pretty famous actress known for her roles, and soon you will see her in the upcoming movie The Birthday Cake. Ashley has this ridiculous curvy and quite attractive body shape as she does not look in her 30s. Her workout routine includes:

Ashley Benson Does Pilates

Ashley said she is a cardio fan and mainly likes to do two things. One of Ashley’s routines is pilates which she does about three days a week for around an hour. That puts her in a very fit shape and helps her stay lean and flexible. Pilates is one of the most conformed routines that most actresses, models, and singers do to keep healthy. It also presents your body with a tone shape and lets you have a slim waistline with well-formed butts, including thighs. Also, one hour of pilates can burn several calories and give you an excellent cardio routine.

Bicycle or SoulCycle

For the rest of the weeks, Ashley takes three days of box or soul cycle workouts and does that to keep herself fit. It helps you to get a toned body and burn numerous calories. However, you can try both and do anything you want, as everyone has their preferences.

Kickboxing Workout

Jab – This is a direct punch. Your arm is fully extended and straight, parallel to the floor. If your left foot is forward, your left arm should be extended.
Cross – The inverse of jabbing. If you extend your right arm, your left foot will be at the back.
Hook – In this position, you punch in a circular motion with your lead hand. In the case of a hook, you are aiming for the opponent’s cheeks and ears.

Uppercut – An uppercut is an upward thrust from the fist pointing towards the ceiling as if you are aiming for the enemy’s chin.

Front Kick – It’s similar to jabbing, except you’re using your leg instead of your hand. Any leg’s heel can be used to perform this exercise as if you were aiming for the opposite person’s chest or knee.

Roundhouse Kick – Similar to the hook, you use your leg in a circular or circular kick.

Side Kick – The most potent kick (compared to the other moves) because you use your glutes (hip muscles).

Circuit Routine

Ashley ordinarily does squats and adds running or some cardio to make it a circuit routine in her lower body. Ashley declares to Health that she does not focus on the butt as much; it’s her thighs that she wants to maintain. So you can further do some similar circuit routines by adding sprints, squats, lunges, etc.

Ashley Benson’s Diet plan

The diet plan that she loves to have is not especially healthy but can be turned into healthy when she wants. Ashley likes to eat a cheeseburger and eats that a lot. Her diet plan includes:


  • hard-boiled egg
  • Ice coffee
  • A splash of half and half


  • Salad if Ashley wants to consume healthily or usually a cheeseburger


  • If Ashley wants to consume healthily, she also goes for a cheeseburger.

That is all about Ashley Benson’s Diet plan.

FAQ Regarding Ashley Benson

How much is Ashley Benson worth?

  • Benson gained massive popularity from her role as Abigail Deveraux in the television show Days of Our Lives. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ashley Benson’s net worth is expected at $6 million.

Who is Ashley Benson dating in 2022?

  • Ashley and G-Eazy packed on the PDA and endured during an outing in Los Angeles just days before E! News published that the couple had called it quits!

Is Ashley Benson Pregnant?

  • For anyone who believes that a Haleb baby is on the way, a source tells E! News she is not pregnant on pretty liars, and the two stars are just failing. So, there you have it, as Ashley Benson is not pregnant in actual life or on the show.

What is Ashley Benson’s ethnicity?

  • Ashley Benson was born on December 18, 1988, in Anaheim Hills, California, to Shannon and Jeff Benson. She has Irish, English, and German ancestry as she has been dancing competitively since he was 2 with hip hop, Jazz, ballet, tap, and also lyrical.

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