Arnold Schwarzenegger Shared a New Gym Photo of Himself ‘Getting Pumped’

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently provided followers with a rare glimpse into his exercise plan, tweeting a photo on social media of himself “getting excited” at the gym before a climate change meeting. Because addressing the world’s environmental issues without a sufficient pump session is just unrealistic.

Schwarzenegger wears a gray shirt while exercising their arms on a sitting bicep curl machine in a black and white Instagram picture released on June 13. Remember, this is the same person who will be 75 next month.

Schwarzenegger captioned the picture, “Getting excited earlier for today’s Austrian World Summit.”

The Austrian Globe Summit is a climate conference, not a fitness conference, held in Vienna every year, bringing together climate activists from across the world to debate the escalating environmental issue. Schwarzenegger established the yearly event in 2017 as part of his Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, with the assistance of Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen. After getting properly hyped, Schwarzenegger talked about the role technology may play in the search for clean energy at this year’s conference.

In October, Schwarzenegger discussed with readers of his newsletter how he’s changed his training regimen as he matures, highlighting the fact that he now utilizes machines instead of free weights while working out.

“I’ve chosen to adapt to my age, to make my routines a little different, and to concentrate on keeping thin and avoiding injury,” he said in the October email. “This is why I’ve switched from free weights to exercise machines.”

In another 2021 email, Schwarzenegger revealed his fitness program, stating that he is no longer “training to win Mr. Olympia,” but rather to preserve his health. That means six days a week of training, with five sets of 20 repetitions for every activity. Totally modest.