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Anushka Sharma Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Anushka Sharma Workout

Anushka Sharma is one of the most well-known names in Hindi movies. She started out as a model but later became a successful Bollywood actor. She even runs a clothing line called “Nush,” which is very popular with young people.

But her fans like her for more than just her acting and business skills. She is also a real diva because of the way she acts. Her body shows a lot of beauty and athleticism, and many of her fans want to know more about how she stays in shape.

So, without further ado, let’s give you a detailed rundown of Anushka Sharma workout routine and diet plan, which is the key to her great shape and high fitness levels.

Anushka Sharma Workout Principle

Anushka Sharma has a tall, slender, and very athletic body. Because of this, in her next movie, she will play a famous female cricketer. Anushka uses a workout plan that combines different types of training, such as yoga, dance, resistance training, and cardio, to keep her body looking great.

She takes good care of her mental health by meditating, just like she does with her physical health.

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Anushka Sharma Workout Routine

Even though Anushka takes care of her health and fitness, she is not a typical gym rat who spends all of her time there. Her workouts don’t just happen in a modern gym. Anushka Sharma’s workout routine is all about combining different types of training and taking a holistic approach to staying fit. Her workout plan includes the following types of training:


Anushka says that yoga is the best thing she has ever done. She went on to say that yoga has not only made her physically healthier, but it has also helped her mental health.

She does the following yoga poses to keep her slim body in good shape:

  • Warrior pose
  • Tree stand
  • Boat pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Do a headstand.
  • Bow pose
  • Sun Salutation

By doing the poses above, her body stays flexible and mobile. So, if you want a body like Anushka’s, don’t forget to add yoga to your workout routine.


Dance is one of Anushka’s other favorite ways to stay fit. And you can tell because she has shown off some killer dance moves in many Bollywood songs. She dances for 15–30 minutes almost every other day to keep her body in great shape.

Dance not only gives her body a good workout, but it also helps clear her mind. It also helps her improve her balance and the way her mind and muscles work together.

Weight training

Anushka has never been a big fan of lifting weights, but she still does it 3–4 times a week to keep her body looking toned. During her weight training sessions, she lifts light to moderate weights and does 15-20 reps of each exercise.

Her routine for lifting weights includes the following moves:

  • Press with dumbbells from above
  • Lateral raises
  • Dumbbell bicep curls
  • Overhead extensions with dumbbells
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Goblet squats
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Dumbbell split squats

Anushka prefers to go for a walk to keep her body fit and active on days when she doesn’t have access to a well-equipped gym.


Anushka needs to do cardio exercises to burn off the extra fat on her body so she can keep her body slim and toned. The following exercises are part of her cardio routine:

  • Running
  • Elliptical
  • Skipping
  • Spot jogging

Running is her favorite form of cardio. So, on days when she doesn’t have much time to train, she prefers to run either on a treadmill or outside.


Anushka does have a pretty busy schedule every day. And you must know that having a busy schedule often makes people feel more stressed. Anushka does meditation every day to help her deal with this kind of problem.

Meditation helps her feel less stressed and keeps her mental health in good shape. So, she meditates twice a day, once when she wakes up and again before she goes to bed.

Rest is important

Even though Anushka is very serious about working out, she also makes sure to give her body enough rest. She gives her body a rest day once or twice a week when she doesn’t train. This gives her body time to heal and recover.

She also makes sure to get 8–9 hours of sleep every night so that she can heal well.

Anushka Sharma’s Diet Plan

Since she started making movies, Anushka has never been out of shape. She has always been pretty cautious about how she feeds her body and this dedication shows up in her lean and toned body.

But this doesn’t mean she relies on crash diets and other food trends. She strongly disagrees with those ideas. The whole point of her diet plan is to eat as healthy as possible. Anushka Sharma eats a balanced diet with a lot of protein and not a lot of carbs.

Anushka eats about four big meals a day. So let’s take a look at all the foods that are on Anushka Sharma’s meal plan:


  • Oatmeal
  • Toast
  • New fruits
  • Fruit juice


  • Lentils
  • Roti(s)
  • Vegetables

Midday snacks

  • Cheese on bread
  • Water or juice from a coconut


  • Lentils
  • Roti
  • Vegetables

Before bed

  • A glass of milk


  • She likes fresh fruits, nuts, protein shakes, and a healthy drink with elderflower in it as snacks. All of these things not only give her body what it needs, but they also keep her from getting hungry.

Foods to stay away from

Anushka doesn’t eat oily or junk food because she doesn’t want to gain weight which is bad for her body. Also, she doesn’t eat foods that are full of calories that don’t do anything or that are too fried or processed.

Cheat meals

Anushka likes to eat whatever she wants when she wants to make her taste buds happy. But she makes sure not to do it too much. Waffles are her favorite cheat meal food, which she likes to eat at night.

Staying hydrated

Anushka makes sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day so that her body stays hydrated. It also helps her get rid of toxins in her body.


So, that’s everything you need to know about Anushka Sharma workout and diet. You can use it to plan your fitness routine, and we’re sure you’ll get great results. Just make sure to change it up a bit based on how to fit you want to get.

Another thing you need to worry about is being consistent with your training program and nutrition plan. If you can do that, you’re sure to get what you want.