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Anna Victoria Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Height, Weight

Anna Victoria workout

Anna Victoria is a well-known personal transformation coach and fitness star from the United States of America. Her birthday is June 29, 1988, and she was born in San Diego, California, United States. Although she’s now familiar with her healthy and fit figure, Anna’s early life appeared completely different. Explore Anna Victoria Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Anna Victoria aged up being unaware of the importance of a healthy and wealthy diet and regular exercise. Anna Victoria guides a sedentary lifestyle without caring too severely about her food choices. Ultimately, this guides her to build some health issues throughout her early 20s. Anna’s issues got poor over time, as she became unable to guide a normal life.

Eventually, Anna Victoria noticed she had two options. She could either regulate living the way she did up until then. Or barter her habits and become healthier. Ultimately, Anna starts bartering her life for the better. She connected to a gym and started following a healthy meal plan.

Throughout the years,  Anna Victoria saw better improvements in her body. Not only did her health enhance, but she became an all-around excellent version of herself. Motivated by her own progress, Anna starts supporting others to achieve similar success. She’s since built into a social media icon, with a fan base that only retains on developing.

Anna Victoria Body Measurement

Age33 years
Height5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
Weight55 kg or 121 lbs
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue

Anna Victoria Workout Routine and Diet Plan

However, there are 3 circuits in her exercise regime, and each circuit performs three activities each for a minute. This means to replicate the exercise 3 times and then flow on to the next circuit.

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Anna Victoria Workout Routine

Warm-up: Warm-up before the workout is very important as it stops injuries and pains.

  • Anna Victoria favors executing diaphragmatic breathing first. In this, the users require to inhale that will concentrate on the rib cage. After that, they require to exhale. However, this is to be performed for a minute.
  • After this, try executing the modified jumping jacks try to extend both the arms overhead. Bottom the arms and ring foot to the center. Do this again from the facing side.
  • Replicate the squats for 30 seconds.
  • Lateral lunges: Retain your feet wide. Curve one of your knees and then sit back in a lateral lunge location to one side. Retain the other leg straight and do not catch it. Also, strengthen the leg so that you rebound to the beginning and replicate this on the other side as well.
  • Replicate this for 30 seconds.

Let us now seek the circuit workouts.

Circuit 1: It involves Glute Bridges

However, the initial one is the small glute bridge. Lay them face-up on the floor and retain the feet hip-width apart sharped towards the ceiling.

  • Pin into the feet and capture the glutes. Raise the hips from the floor. Form a linear line with the shoulders and pause.
  • Bottom the hips back to the floor and return to the start. Replicate this for a minute.

Broad Stance Glute Bridge

  • Retain your face to the floor and feet planted broader than the shoulder. Retain your knees sharped towards the ceiling.
  • Pin into the feet and engage into glutes. Now raise the hip from the floor and pause when you find that the body forms the linear line with the shoulders.
  • Bottom the hips back to the floor to start. Replicate this process for a minute.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge

  • Begin with retaining your face on the floor and the feet scattered in the direction towards the ceiling apart from the hip-width.
  • Raise one of your legs so that the weight is one the food.
  • Now require to pin the lower of the foot and engage in glutes. Raise the hips from the floor and pause the body. Form a linear line from the knees to the shoulders.

Circuit 2: Lunges

  • Stand in the staggered position and retain one foot in front of the other.
  • Inhale and after that curved both the knees. From the bottom lunge position. You require to stop when the front knee is twisted at a position of 90 degrees. And make sure that it does not move forward than the toes.

Lunge pulse

  • Stand in the flattering position retaining one foot in front of the other.
  • Inhale now. Curved bother the knees down in the lunge position and stop when both the knees are curved at 90 degrees. Make sure that it does not as near forward as the toes.
  • The grip on to this position. Take a few inches up and then down. Replicate it for 30 seconds and then switch the sides.

Lateral lunges

  • In this, you require to start with wide feet, toes sharped forward, and either slightly out.
  • Place with hips back and bend on a knee, retaining the other knee straight.
  • Now extend the twisted leg so that you can stand and return to the center. Replicate this for another 1 minute.
  • Take a rest for 30 seconds and then replicate this 2 severe times.

Anna Victoria Diet Plan

  • Breakfast:- Anna Victoria’s diet plan is plain. She admires having scrambled eggs for the breakfast. Along with this, she grips eggs, oatmeal, cinnamon, and blueberries. She obeys the same routine almost every day.
  • Lunch:- In the lunch, she always favors having the tuna pesto salad. This is normally incorporated in her meal plan, and she attaches olives and carrots to it.
  • Dinner: In the dinner, she has baked chicken and it is very loving for her to try severe kinds of chicken. She grips two drinks of wine a week.

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