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Alyssa Milano Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Alyssa Jayne Milano was born on December 19, 1972, in New York city the U.S. she is an American actress, producer, singer, author, and activist. she is popular for her role in the Me Too movement in October 2017. She is active since 1984. she started acting when she was 7 years old.

Body stats

Height157 cm
weight50 Kg

Alyssa Milano Workout Routine

Alyssa Milano followed her own low-carb diet and adds in Atkins to lose  20 lbs of her weight.

Alyssa Milano Workout For fitness

She runs around her kids for her fitness.


she does weight training to tone up her arms and runs, which helps her tighten the muscles in her legs. She runs at least three miles a day as part of her daily exercise regimen.

She had joined a spinning class at a local gym  .she spends 40 mins there .she does muscles workout by mimicking a long bicycle ride.

She also does yoga two times a week. Yoga helps her to improve her balance and flexibility.

She tries to spin at least 4 -5 times every week. she does Zumba classes once in a  week .she  does Pilates 3 times a week.

Alyssa Milano Diet Plan

Alyssa Milano eats protein and healthy fats, including protein, shakes, animal protein, olive oil, avocados, and plenty of veggies.  she takes low carb. She eats the things she likes such as seafood, chicken, fish, and decadent-sounding recipes like a parmesan-crusted chicken with cheesy cauliflower.

She follows  Zone Diet, a low-calorie eating plan. The meal and snacks she eats have about 4-% of the total calories coming from carbohydrates, 3-% from protein, and the remaining 30% from fat. It is also termed the 40:30:30 ratio.


She takes lettuce cups in place of tortillas and zucchini noodles in place of pasta,


Milano eats healthy versions of her favorite foods, like using cauliflower crust in place of traditional pizza crust, and adds  Ranch dressing and classic tomato sauce.


She drinks at least 6 glasses of water with lemon each day. She also has herbal tea.

she eats

  • Lemon
  • Protein Shakes
  • Almond Milk
  • Protein Bars
  • Herbal Tea
  • Seafood
  • Fish
  • Avocados
  • Salads
  • Vegetables
  • Chicken Breast
  • Olive Oil
  • Low-Carb Fruit
  • Garlic
  • Cheese
  • Nuts
  • Coffee
  • Ranch Dressing


Alyssa Milano Avoids

  • Carb Foods
  • Added Sugars
  • Processed Foods
  • Fast Food
  • Junk Food
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Chemical Additives


Alyssa Milano is an American actress, singer, activist, and producer .she is a multi-talented person. she is very popular for her occupation. she is very careful about her diet. she likes to maintain herself healthy and fit. She is best known for her roles in Who’s the Boss as Samantha Micelli.