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Alexis Ren Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2023

Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren was born on November 23, 1996, is an American Model, an Internet personality, and also an Instagram star from Santa Monica. Moreover, she is famous for her presence on Instagram. She has joined several brands such as Tobi and Forever 21. She takes an active Tumblr account too.

Alexis engaged as the celebrity contestant in the ‘Dancing With Stars Season 27’ show. Moreover, she happily made it to the finals with her dance partner Alan Bersten. The young model made her first runway show for Sahara Ray Swimwear in LA. She usually makes her appearance in the ads on mobile games. In fact, her most income is from modeling as well as endorsements.

Alexis Ren Body Stats

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight60 kg
Bra Size34 B
Breast Size35 inches
Waist Size23 inches
Hip Size35 inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size7 US

Alexis Ren Workout Routine

Alexis Ren workout at least five days a week but most of the time she does multiple workouts within a day even as it is not easy to keep your body being a supermodel. So finally, here 10 min a workout routine that Alexis does to a supermodel body. Her workout routine includes:


With knees bent elevate your body halfway.

Knee bit crunches

With knee bent and hands-on thigh, lift up till your hands bit the knees.

Heel touches

Slightly raise your body and move from facet till your hands reach your heels.

Bicycle crunches

Placing down move your legs in a very athletic motion while not touching the bottom.

Russian Twists

With your knee bent, raise your body halfway and twist from side to side.

Reach through crunches

Just like knee bit crunches, however, begin along with your hands on the head of your body.

Legs to Ceiling reaching crunches

Legs inform straight up, raise your body till you bit your toes.

Toe Faucet leg lifts

Just like bicycle crunches, lift your legs off the bottom and alternate each toe touching the bottom.

Flutter kicks

Lay flat on the bottom and raise straight legs halfway, then substitute a kicking action.

Scissor Kicks

Just like flutter kicks, nevertheless, cross your straight legs over one another.

Leg lifts

Begin with straight legs totally off the bottom, lifting them to the highest and back one more.

Leg up alternating toe crunch

Just like the leg to ceiling crunches, however, intermittent mitt to the left foot and mitt to the correct foot.

Crunch Kicks

Begin in a very seated posture with knees bent, then raise feet off the bottom and stretch them out, and following in once more.

Mountain climbers

From a plank pose alternate, every knee propulsion it up to your chest.


Hold Associate in a Nursing elbow plank with a dead honest body.

Right Facet Plank

The balance on the right arm with body straight.

Left Side plank

The perspective on the left arm with the body straight.

Plank (Again)

Hold on elbow plank with a  dead reliable body.

Plank Twists

In a very plank position twist your body part and move your hip towards the bottom.

Spider Climbers

Just like mountain climbers however with knees rolling out and aloof from your body. You need to keep the rest of 30 seconds between these 20 exercises and you will soon obtain your body will start burning like a fire.

This is all about Alexis Ren’s workout routine.

Alexis Ren Diet Plan

In the case of diet like most people, Alexis does not consider eating only 3 big meals in a day instead she spreads her meals and nutrition into 6 smaller meals.

On high of all this, Alexis performs sure she takes in an exceedingly minimum of a try liters of water per day, It is not with the regard to the association but detoxing still. loads of you will be able to clean out your system, the upper your overall well-being square measure. Her diet plan includes:

Foods Alexis Ren Completely Ignores

  • No bread
  • No fast food
  • No alcohol
  • No beef
  • No intake when 7 pm
  • Not loads of sugar
  • No fruits when lunch

Food Alexis Ren likes to eat

  • Fruit. countless pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, papaya, and mango for endless smoothies including acai bowls.
  • Vegan macromolecule powder
  • Banana frozen dessert. She names it frozen dessert, whereas banana amalgamated with almond milk.
  • Salad (with lemon and pepper). At now, there are not sufficient salads within the world for that sort of body.
  • Veggies burgers( wrapped in lettuce with avocado).


Alexis Ren is a Model, Internet celebrity, Actress, and Entrepreneur. Being a model is not easy as she gives her full effort and time in the workout. She workout at least five days a week but most of the time she does multiple workouts within a day which helps to maintain her to be fit and also helps her to have an incredible figure.

Not only does regular workouts but also her healthy diet remains her to be fit and improve her strength. If we just take one thing from her this would be: Chemically, if you are not happy, your body will not look or be happy.