Agnez Mo Workout Routine And Diet

Agnez Mo is known for her albums and songs as a singer, diva, songwriter, actress, model, businesswoman, and dancer. She is one of the most famous Indonesian stars who has made it big in other countries. Agnez Mo is mainly known for her voice, but she is also beautiful and has a great body. Keep reading if you also want to know the secret behind the Agnez Mo workout and the Agnez Mo diet plan.

Agnez Mo Body Measurements

Height5 ft 5 inches
Weight50 kg
Age35 yrs
Breast33 inches
Waist24 inches

Agnez Mo Workout Routine

Agnez Mo Workout Routine

Agnez Mo sings, and dances, and her voice and songs are well-known. So many people love her voice that Agnez Mo has also had a lot of success in the international music business. Agnez Mo has been in the industry for a long time. She has been very active in her career since the early 1990s. Agnez Mo also models, and people know her for her good looks and body. So, keep reading if you’re also curious about how Agnez Mo has stayed in shape over the years. I will talk about everything I could find that has to do with her workouts and fitness. First, I went to the official website to see what I could find, but I didn’t find much. But after looking around, I did find this video of Agnez Mo in the gym talking about working out. Since the video is from 2015, her daily routine might have changed a lot or not at all. Agnez Mo is also a dancer who loves to move her body. One thing she does is work out, even before she goes to the gym.

In almost every Asian music industry, dance choreography is an essential part of their music videos. Just kike K-pop, Thai-pop, C-pop, etc. So Agnez Mo has always had dance routines as part of her career. So it keeps her slim, burns many calories, and keeps her flexible and in shape. Also, dance workouts are often thought to be the best cardio exercises.

Agnez Mo Diet Plan

Agnez Mo Workout Routine and Diet

Agnez Mo loves to eat fish, especially cod and salmon, and she prefers to eat healthy foods. She also adds smoothies, which can be eaten quickly and are light. Agnez Mo, for example, usually starts her day with eggs and a healthy smoothie, and she drinks a lot of water all day. So now, let’s see an Agnez Mo-inspired diet.

Agnez Mo’s diet includes:


  • Eggs scrambled
  • Toast with avocado


  • Smoothie with fruits


  • Salad with baked cod


  • Salmon or chicken breast grilled
  • Sweet potato or steamed vegetables
  • Salad

That concludes the Agnez Mo diet regimen.

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