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Aaron Reed Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed was a professional wrestler for WWE and now competes as a bodybuilder. His body is imposing. Aaron Reed is one of the tallest bodybuilders ever walking across the stage. He is over 6 feet tall. Aaron was always interested in sports as a kid, and he used that interest to become a professional wrestler and then a bodybuilder. Fans from all over the world pay attention to him because of how amazing he looks.

Even though we did a lot of research on Aaron Reed’s workouts and diet, this is not exactly what he does. This is a collection of all the information we’ve found through interviews, Aaron’s comments, and feedback from others in the industry.

Current Stats

  • Height:‎ 6 ft 7 inches
  • Weight: 295-305 pounds
  • Age: 40 years
  • Birthdate: September 12, 1981
  • Accolades: 2001 NPC Mr. Teen Colorado, 2010 NPC Florida State Super Heavy Weight Champion, 2011 NPC Orlando Metropolitan Men’s Physique.

Workout Principles

Aaron goes to the gym every day for between 1 and 2 hours. He has learned that this is the best amount of time for him to work out and then get on with his day. Aaron Reed was a child when he was told he had leukemia. He had hepatitis when he was in the middle of his professional wrestling career.

Aaron Reed has been sick and had hard times before, but he keeps going and doing his best. He has the same attitude when he works out at the gym, constantly pushing himself to see what he can do.

Aaron Reed’s Workout Routine

Aaron looks up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, two of the best bodybuilders who have ever been on stage. Aaron likes to train with many reps, usually between 10 and 20 for each exercise. They pushed him to work out and get in shape so he could compete in bodybuilding shows and show off his impressive body.

Here’s what Aaron Reed does to work out:

Monday: Strength and flexibility training

Aaron Reed works out twice a day on Monday. He does one workout in the morning and another in the evening.

AM workout:

Explosive conditioning sprints—8 times running the 100-yard dash PM workout:

  • Hand cleanings (3 sets, rep til failure)
  • Heavy standing-up row (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • A heavy shrug (5 sets, 5 reps)
  • Calf raises (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Serratus hanger (10 reps, 2 sets)
  • Russian twist (2 sets, 25 reps)
  • Leg raise (3 sets, 10 reps)

Aaron works on his poses for 45 minutes after he’s done with his second workout.

Tuesday: Shoulders, Abs, and Legs

Aaron has a hard upper body workout on Tuesday. This is his plan:

  • Do a bench press (4 sets, 10 reps)
  • Dumbbell pullover (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • Dumbbell fly (4 sets, 12 reps)
  • Cable fly (4 sets, 12 reps)
  • Push-up (4 sets, rep til failure)
  • Dip (4 sets, rep til failure)
  • Calf raises while standing (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Standing calf raise (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Sit-up (2 sets, 25 reps)
  • Leg raise (2 sets, 25 reps)

Aaron Reed Workout

Wednesday: Back, hamstrings, serratus, and calves

Aaron does heavy lifts every day to keep up one of the most influential and well-balanced bodies of his generation. Here’s what he’ll do on Wednesday:

  • Deadlift (4 sets, 5 reps)
  • T-bar rows (4 sets, 6 reps)
  • Row a dumbbell (3 sets, 5 reps)
  • Heavy sit-down row (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Pull-up (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Lat pull-up (3 sets, 8 reps)
  • Pull down with a close grip (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Lat pulldown with a straight arm (2 sets, rep til failure)
  • Horizontal calves (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • When standing on one leg, calf (3 sets, 10 reps)

Thursday – Take a break

  • Aaron Reed has the day off on Thursday so that his body can rest and heal after a hard workout.

Friday: Arms, thighs, and stomach

On Friday, Aaron does another two-a-day workout. He works out in the morning and in the evening.

AM workout:

Explosive conditioning sprints—8 times running the 100-yard dash PM workout:

  • Downward triceps press (2 sets, 10 reps)
  • Skull crusher (3 sets, 10- 15 reps)
  • One-arm extension for an overhead cable (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Reverse cable curl with one arm (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Alternating dumbbell curls while standing (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • Curl up preacher (4 sets, 8 reps)
  • One-arm curls while standing (2 sets, rep til failure)
  • Donkey calf raise burnt out (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Calf stood up (3 sets, 10 reps)

On Friday, he does more posing practice to finish up his workout.

Aaron Reed body

Saturday: Thighs and calf muscles

Aaron Reed starts the weekend with a heavy lift that works his quads and calves.

  • Leg stretches as a warm-up (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Squat (5 sets, 8-15 reps)
  • (Start light) Squat hack (3 sets, 15 reps)
  • Leg press (4 sets, 25 reps)
  • One leg squat (2 sets, 15 reps)
  • Leg extension (3 sets, 10-12 reps)
  • Calf raises while seated (4 sets, 10 reps)

Sunday: Shoulders, neck, abs, and calves

Aaron Reed has to go to the gym almost daily to keep in shape since he is over 6 feet tall. Here’s what he’ll do on Sunday:

  • Bench press with dumbbells (4 sets, 8-10 reps)
  • Standing shoulder fly (4 sets, 20 reps)
  • Bent-over fly (3 sets, 20 reps)
  • Rear delt machine (3 sets, 10 reps)
  • Sit-ups (3 sets, 15-25 reps)
  • Leg raises (3 sets, 15-25 reps)

Aaron Reed diet

Aaron Reed’s Diet

As the author of The SuperNatural Lifestyle, a book about nutrition, Aaron knows a lot about the foods he should eat to fuel his body and live a healthy life. Aaron takes in between 350 and 400 grams of protein every day. He tries to eat at the same time every day and eats primarily whole foods. Aaron uses the same advice he gives his clients when he coaches them on nutrition in his own life.

Here is Aaron Reed’s diet:


  • Egg white omelet
  • Fresh fruit


  • Grilled Chicken
  • The brown rice


  • Grass-fed hamburger
  • Grilled veggies


Aaron Reed is the tallest bodybuilder in the men’s physique division. He encourages other tall guys to try bodybuilding. Aaron was scared to compete on the pro stage because most of the men in his sport were big and strong.

Aaron Reed is the best example of how hard work and dedication can help you do almost anything, from his days in WWE to his massive success in bodybuilding. Reed has a lot of drive and is very focused.