A Physique Coach revealed the Simple Changes You Can Make to Reach 15% Body Fat

Muscle coach Paul Revelia

Muscle coach Paul Revelia has already explained his improvements to his routine that helped him trim down to 10% body fat while preparing for a physique contest. Still, he concedes that this objective is not necessarily one that will be feasible for everyone. In a new video, he focuses on the more achievable goal of reducing body fat from 20% to 15% and offers some basic techniques based on his experience.

“You don’t even have to be specific with monitoring your calories, you don’t have to be incredibly strict about being perfect, you can have some wine, but I’m going to speak about a few changes,” he explains. The crucial thing here, he says, is to make sure you’re consuming the appropriate macronutrient proportions, i.e., proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. To begin, he suggests eliminating mayo or substituting alternatives such as mustard. “Light mayo still offers you the substance you need without giving you all the calories,” he explains.

Second, Revelia clarifies that, although eggs are a good source of protein, consuming entire eggs will also increase your daily fat consumption. “Instead of five, six, or seven full eggs, I’ll take two whole eggs and cover the remainder of my requirements with egg whites,” he explains. Finding healthier snack options is also beneficial: Revelia recommends swapping ordinary potato chips for baked chips and opting for zero-calorieĀ drinks.

He also suggests using cooking spray instead of oil while preparing meals. “You save a lot of calories that way, and you don’t even have to account for it because it’s such a low calorie,” he explains.


Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by john liam