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15 Best Home-Based And Natural Treatment For Ascites

home remedies for ascites

Ascites is a state of the body where the fluid mounts up in the abdomen. The stomach becomes swollen, which causes a  heavy and uncomfortable feeling. Breathing is not standard, which causes heart palpitations and leg swells up. Luckily, there are many natural and home-based treatments for ascites. A few leading causes of ascites are cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, and obstruction of the vein in the liver. Heart and kidney failure also trigger an extremely fluid collection.

Best And Easy Home-Based As Well As Natural treatment

1) Fluids

Buttermilk and carrot juice help treat diseases like ascites. They are essential in restoring the body’s energy without contributing to fluid build-up in the peritoneal cavity.

2) Radish

Radish is extremely helpful in healing the damage caused by this disease. Mix the extract of the radish plant, leave it to blend in water, and then drink up the water to get relief from the ascites.

3) Fenugreek Seeds

Soak the handful of fenugreek seeds overnight, mix the seeds and water the following day, strain the liquid through a muslin cloth, and drink it every morning. It is one of the best forms of home treatment as it has a hepatoprotective and anti-cancer effect. It also reduces inflammation and helps eliminate free radicals that cause damage inside the body.

4) Garlic Juice

Garlic is readily available in every kitchen, so it greatly benefits people who suffer from ascitedailyrlic. It is said to possess anti-cancer properties. Juice every morning can help you reduce the bloating and tenderness associated with ascites.

5) Ginger

They were drinking the ginger tear or taking ginger with hot water after every meal helps people suffering from ascites. Ginger, a diuretic, removes excess water from the body through the urine as it is an effective treatment for edema. It also works as an antitumorigenic agent with the cancer-associated ascites tumor cells.

6) Massage

Massage therapy gently over the abdomen and the back with the oil for at least 10-15 minutes proves beneficial for those suffering from liver disease. It helps to get rid of the gas and gives instant relief. It also acts as migrating the strain of the abdomen by assisting the lymph in entering the venous system again.

7) Bitter Gourd

Regular consumption of bitter gourd root juices relieves the ascetic soreness as it is also beneficial for treating liver disorders because of its tonic and antibilious properties. Patients need to consume this thrice a day for rapid pain relief.

8) Onions

Adding onions to your meals or eating them raw daily eliminates toxins and releases bodily fluid. If eaten continuously for a couple of days, onion can also offer relief from the symptoms associated with ascites.

9) Punarnava Herb

After grinding the herbal root, mix it with a glass of lukewarm water. Take this water thrice a day which is considered the best for liver healers and is commonly used to treat ascites. This ayurvedic remedy is referred to as Hogweed. This herb has diuretic and expectorant effects on the body.

10) Dandelion Tea

Dandelion root is also known as gravel toot which is a natural diuretic. Three cups of dandelion root tea a day helps reduce the excess fluid in the abdomen as it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on liver cirrhosis. It also aids digestion.

11) Milk Thistle

1-2 teaspoons of milk thistle with 1 cup of water every morning prevent the binding of toxins to the liver cells. Milk thistle contains a compound called silymarin that acts as an antioxidant by combating free radicals and lipid peroxidation.

12) Sleep

Do your best not to sleep in the daytime. Keep a permanent sleeping time during the night and time of waking up the next day. This activity plays an essential part in preserving the complete internal balance of the body;

13) Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol is the reason behind 83% of patients suffering from this disease. Avoiding alcohol consumption helps to get relief from this disease.

14) Active Lifestyle

Exercise assists in the development of your stomach muscles by guarding against fluid pooling at the same time.

15) Gram And Melon

Consuming a significant portion of melon daily helps maintain good health and battle against ascites. It also aids in digestion and reestablishing the balance of the fluid. Drinking a liquid filtered from the condenses of boiled gram and water is also a good treatment for the ascites. Intake this water for at least three weeks to notice the apparent change.